Friday, April 29, 2011

Shameless, Boundless Hypocrisy

Richter Should Have Made a Gall Scale
Just when it seems that the Left couldn't possibly best their own record for chutzpah, they reach down deep and go for the gold. In the latest news cycle it is being reported that "Progressives" are disrupting town hall meetings being conducted by Republicans such as Paul Ryan, the architect of a budget bill that has, among others, in a lather. is reporting on an email sent to members from MoveOn titled "payback time" in which the Liberal group encourages its members to disrupt town hall meetings while remaining "civil". What is particularly ironic is both the Republicans' reference to the action as "astroturfing", and the Left's visceral reaction to the charge.

Much of the outrage from the Left is directed at the House-passed version of Ryan's budget proposal, but the reasoning of Leftist groups is nothing short of astounding. While the Left may be sincere in their collective loathing of any attempt to reduce the role of government as nanny to all, their indignation at the astroturf label is comical in light of Nancy Pelosi's charge against the Tea Party, which has since been proven false. (No news organization has been able to pinpoint any particular group as guiding the genuine ire of ordinary Americans).

When made aware of the charges that there was a carefully orchestrated effort by her side, Lauren Weiner, a spokesman for Americans United for Change perfectly illustrated that if hypocrisy could be measured on a seismic level, Richter's scale would prove tragically inadequate. "I think that's ridiculous", she claimed, punctuating her point with "the anger is real."

The theoretical Hypocrisy Scale would have shattered on the following point made by Ms. Weiner, however. Complaining that the House of Representatives -- now controlled by Republicans -- passed the Ryan budget two weeks ago while the details were still a mystery to many people, she uttered the following:
"We think the anger is going to grow. The more they learn about it, the angrier they're going to get."
Did Ms. Weiner sleep through the week that the Democrat-controlled House rolled the American people like a mugger might a suburban father of three in an urban alley?  Did she somehow manage to miss then-Speaker Pelosi uttering the infamous "We have to pass the bill so that you can, uh, find out what is in it."? And is there any chance in this Hell in which we now reside that anyone in the media will notice this glaring hypocrisy, or that if they do, will actually mention it?

Highly unlikely would be the correct answer, but one must marvel at the brazen machinations of the Progressive operatives who now feel that they can abandon their "black ops" brand and move freely in the sunlight with impunity. The reason that evil often fails is that its proclivity is to jump the gun through over-confidence.

Independents are who got Obama elected, and it is the Indy group that has swung so dramatically away from not only Obama, but the entire Democratic agenda. The Democrats had their day in the sun. The Progressive movement had a brief share in that day and they squandered it, foolishly thinking that the fruit was ripe for picking. Now they will either pay the price at the ballot box and go away, or throw off the last cloak of civility and make their final lunge at dictatorship.

Perhaps the Left will go so far as to attempt a perverted version of a theocracy, reminiscent of Iran, with the entrenched Democrat officials serving as a sort of store-front parliament while the controlling mullahs are represented by outfits like Nothing would offer the pungent scent of hypocrisy and the bitter taste of irony any better.

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Edisto Joe said...

I don't think they will ever go away and I believe desperation will drive them to commit further acts of extreme "shameless hypocrisy" in order to retain a grasp on power. This coming election will be one nasty fight with the liberals, unions, Blacks, Latinos, and media dogs all joining forces to keep their man Obama in office.

Woody said...

No doubt in my mind either, EJ. I am resigned to an immediate future resembling Greece. When people begin to realize that the "free stuff" is going away they will go through violent withdrawals.

Sadly it is time for a family intervention, one in which we must physically restrain our brothers as they writhe through their pain of accepting reality.

What's truly tragic is that the analogy is not nearly euphemistic enough. In this reality, people will die. There are simply too many addicts to placate all at once, and the well-intentioned will most likely suffer the heaviest casualties.

I think it will mirror the original Civil War though I pray for a much better result with drastically less statistics.