Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Not-So-Brave New World

The New American Mascot
Sorry, fearsome bald eagle, you're now just another bird hovering perilously above the parameters of our endangered species list. Your services are no longer required in the representation of American strength, and we may just have no further need of your image at all since our official image now seems better represented by the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz.

Our very system of justice seems to have been turned on its ear, rejecting the basic freedom of speech Americans have enjoyed for several centuries. Worse than that, it seems that speech once viewed as unthinkable has been supported and even encouraged while reason has been outlawed by the courts and its citizen jury pool. Our own neighbors have been co-opted as cowards.

This collective cowering is the direct result of the insane violence exhibited by Muslims who simply have no tolerance for criticism, even as we are implored to show...tolerance for others beliefs. So it is that Florida pastor Terry Jones recently found himself imprisoned for simply planning to protest outside a Michigan mosque. While Jones' burning of the Qur'an last month could reasonably be called stupid and unproductive, his right as an American to do so should have been vigorously defended.

But Jones was roundly and universally condemned for his actions, and recently found himself and his associate pastor, Wayne Sapp, incarcerated for refusing to post a one dollar bond. One might argue that the law is the law, and that refusal to post bond will certainly result in jail time. The point here, however, is that Jones and Sapp should never have been in the position of having to post bond in the first place.

It seems that demonstrations and protests were all well and good when it was only the Left who engaged in those activities. Now that Conservatives have finally awakened and are exercising their right to protest, suddenly it has become "dangerous or provocative" and something which must be stopped, even though there is nothing illegal about it. Why isn't Code Pink forbidden to protest at military recruiting centers in Berkeley, California for example? Perhaps it is because there is no fear that military members will riot, burning and looting the town.

Bagram Air Force Base, Afghanistan
It is the same with Christians who see their symbols mocked, mistreated and maligned, yet there are no riots. In 2008 a church in the United States raised money and sent a shipment of bibles to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. Worried that the Holy books might be distributed amongst the general population, our military burned them for fear of angering local Muslims. Notice the complete absence of concern that Christians would be angered at having their Holy book burned.

All of this begs the question: Is the simple path to Shar'ia law in the United States violence unless implemented? If our citizens and our courts need to jail people simply for protesting out of fear that Muslims here will become violent, what is stopping Muslims from rioting unless we all adopt their laws and way of life?

Years ago it was common for people to post a "beware of dog" sign in their yards. It was designed to keep people from entering the yard uninvited. It was a successful deterrent until someone had the bright idea -- after getting bit -- that the owner's sign was an admission that the dog was dangerous, thereby directing the blame at the owner rather than the trespasser.

Isn't the notion equally applicable here, then? We acknowledge openly that Muslims are dangerous and must be treated with kid gloves. Here, in our own home we must tread lightly for fear of angering a volatile portion of our population. Yet we lack the courage to place the onus squarely where it belongs precisely because we already know the potential consequences.

Likewise, along the Mexican border, our government warns it's own citizens to "avoid certain areas" because they have been overrun by Mexican drug cartels. Rather than stand up and expel these unlawful intruders, we are advised to cede portions of our country because it may be too dangerous to enter them. Once the most powerful nation on Earth that no one dared attack through force, America is now being defeated incrementally, both territorially and ideologically. And our politicians don't seem to care.

Former Symbol of America
So I am sorry, Mr. Eagle. You served us well for as long as we'd have you, but it now seems that courage has been replaced by obsequiousness. I am forced to wonder why we even bothered to save you.

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carmar76 said...

Good post, but not a good thing. We have ppl protesting military funerals being protected by freedom of speech or whatever they're claiming. Yet those same freedoms are disregarded any time they're used by Christians.

Along w/ bravery, we also lost logic.

RSS Ronald Reagan said...

What a depressing post!

Even more depressing--I can't really marshall any rational arguments against your conclusions.

Woody said...

Carmar, we've also lost pride.

RSS, believe me, it gave me no pleasure to write that piece, but unless our fellow countrymen begin to truly wake up, I fear I may have to move down under. The Aussies seem to "get it".