Saturday, July 9, 2011

Children Rarely Walk

Always in a Hurry
In case no one has ever observed this simple truth -- a notion I find nearly impossible -- children run everywhere. They run to the bathroom, they run up or down the stairs, they run to their friends' houses to play. Everything to a child is a hurry despite that they have their whole lives ahead of them. Impatient and impetuous lot are children.

It is eerily reminiscent of the child currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, President Barack Hussein Obama. To President Obama, everything must be done "swiftly". (Children seldom use that word save for the precocious ones).  Like everything he has done, speed is of the essence, including the manner in which he arrived at his current station in life. His current use of the word is in regards to Congressional passage of the raising of the debt ceiling which, he says, must be done swiftly.

Obama's reasoning is due to the anemic jobs report for June. The president claims that the business community is not hiring because of uncertainty over whether the debt ceiling will be raised to prevent the U.S. government from defaulting on its obligations. He simply can't imagine that it might have something to do with the fears of businesses that talk of increased taxes and the impending burden of universal health care might be somewhat of a deterrent to expansion.

It is part of a delusional mindset that seems to permeate his circle of friends and advisers. Consider David Plouffe's recent comment that "the average American does not view the economy through the prism of GDP or unemployment rates or even monthly jobs numbers." Press secretary Jay Carney punctuated that silly sentiment and added: 
"I don’t know where, you know, the voters that some other folks might be talking to — but — or — but most people do not sit around their kitchen table and analyze GDP and unemployment numbers.  They talk about how they feel their own economic situation is.  And they measure it by whether they have a job, whether they have job security; whether their house – whether they’re meeting their house payment, whether their mortgage is underwater; whether they have the money to pay for their children’s education or they don’t; whether they’re dealing with a sick parent and can afford that, or whether they can’t.They do not sit around analyzing The Wall Street Journal or other — or Bloomberg to look at the — you know, analyze the numbers.  Now, maybe some folks do, but not most Americans.  I think that’s the point David Plouffe was making; that’s the point the president was making just moments ago in his statement in the Rose Garden."
That type of rhetoric seems awfully similar to gloating over a decidedly stupid electorate, doesn't it? In other words, in order for Obama to get re-elected, the team is counting on the notion that most Americans "only care about themselves", all the while preaching about the virtues of "shared sacrifice". They also wager that those they refer to as uneducated will remain so long enough to vote for Obama one more time, and hope that they remain sufficiently selfish as well.

President Teleprompter
Perhaps that is a symptom of Obama's need for speed. After all, the magician relies on slight of hand and dexterous deftness to achieve moans of delight from the audience. So does Obama depend on lofty rhetoric -- supplied on clear Plexiglas -- to lure the attention of the suspicious away from proper investigation while pushing Congress to move quickly swiftly on every suggestion he makes.

It is noteworthy that many members of his early team have long departed. Rahm Emanuel; gone. David Axelrod; gone. Maybe they did their jobs so well and so, ahem, swiftly that they felt it prudent to move on in life. It might also be said that they saw the handwriting on the wall after being in such close quarters with Barack Obama for as long as they were.

As for me, I'm too old to run very fast and am ill-suited to run far at all, but on November 6th of next year, I plan on sprinting to the voting booth.

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Edisto Joe said...

Ever go to bed at night after another day of Obama and wonder, "when will it all end?"

For me it seems to be a frequent occurance. We need to pass the OK on extending the debt limit just so he can start Stimulus Act II? We haven't even got over the nightmare of Stimulus Act 1. As long as this man is around I expect many sleepless nights.