Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The False Mothers of the Debt Debate

Tough Choices
Americans have not been as divided as they are today since perhaps the early 1860's. Then, the Civil War was ramping up into the bloodiest period of turmoil in our nation's history, and the war brought the worst imaginable scenario to fruition through much of the decade.

It was all brought about by deep divisions in the ideologies of the denizens of the North and the South. Today, those tactical lines are drawn -- for all intents and purposes -- around our major urban centers, pitting the encircled cities against the rest of the nation which gradually is receding from them.

Geographically, the battle maps drawn give little prospect of victory to the tiny enclaves that seem vastly outnumbered and surrounded by the sea of red on an electoral version. That being said, this is a ballot-box war, and so while the weaponry is equal, the forces are also balanced in numbers, and territory means nothing. In terms of classical warfare, circa early 20th century, it is tantamount to one side occupying an entire country while trying in vain to defeat a few well placed sniper nests with thousands of marksmen in each.

Barack Obama is currently trying to get the debt ceiling raised so that he can continue to borrow more money from China and build his base for 2012. The talks taking place now are a perfect example of the bitter fight Americans are having over the state of the U.S. economy, which is sinking like the Titanic. Colloquially  speaking, Obama's position -- as well as many on the Democrats' side -- is to rearrange the deck furniture on that grand ship as it sinks into the sea.

Just as a few stewards may have tried calm passengers who might have witnessed the insanity, so today are members of the media and congressional perpetrators trying to either blame the patrons for the tragedy or similarly sully the builder, keeping the captain guiltless.

Americans spoke loudly and clearly in the 2010 elections, stating in no uncertain terms that they were fed up with reckless spending, wanton borrowing and repressive taxation, yet the message seems lost on all Democrats and astonishingly, even some Republicans. Would that these Republicans had the courage and the wisdom of King Solomon.

King Solomon had before him an infant and two women claiming to be the mother. So bitter was their argument that King Solomon offered this solution: he had his guard draw his sword, and told the women that in order to be fair (a favorite word of today's progressives), his guard would cut the baby in half so that they may each have part of the child. The false mother agreed, but the real mother was horrified and, not wishing harm to come to her son, pleaded for Solomon to give the child to the false mother. Solomon knew at once who the real mother was and awarded her the child.

McConnell Ready to Fold?
King Solomon not only made a wise decision, but a courageous one. It took a leap of faith in the real mother to be willing to make the tough choice for the good of the child for whom she had come to fight. Republicans in the debt ceiling battle ostensibly want to do what is right for the country and the economic health thereof, but apparently lack the political courage to risk losing their seats.

Just as the life of the baby was on the line, so is the life of America, yet of paramount concern to these politicians is whether or not they can get re-elected in 2012. You may refer to all of them from here on as "the false mothers".

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