Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Nightmare that is the Contemporary American Politician's Psyche

A Compassionate Moment
What is it with U.S. Democratic politicians and their devotion to the constituents of Felipe Calderon? And when did the American people become so timid in their collective demands on those they elect to "represent" them?

These are questions that have perplexed many in the battle for immigration reform and its conflicts with the wishes of the citizenry. It is also noteworthy that much of that citizenry is comprised of immigrants who came here properly and feel that it's not fair for others to be forgiven for shortcuts. Yet politicians continue to flout the wishes of those who voted for them in favor of the wishes of those who could not...yet.

The Dream Act currently being sought by these Democrats -- and a few sympathetic Republicans -- is more in the parade to fast track illegal aliens into our population through a form of back door amnesty, and true to Democrat demagogue orthodoxy, it involves "the children", whom none dare oppose. These children are those of adult illegal aliens (I refuse to use the term undocumented) who have come here as infants or toddlers and therefore -- in the minds of the progressive -- should not be penalized for their parents' actions.

A key provision of the Dream Act essentially seeks to make a child of an illegal alien a permanent resident of the United States if they have been here for more than five years, or serves two years in the military, or four years in community service or college -- with in-state tuition. Another important requirement is that these folks stay out of trouble.

What of one of these "kids" who has been here for three decades and has not only not avoided trouble, but violated the law in the most heinous fashion? Certainly his tenure here would count for something even as running afoul of the law might prove somewhat problematic. One would be forgiven for thinking so, but wrong nonetheless.

President Obama is currently asking the same Supreme Court he embarrassed at a State of the Union address not too long ago to step in and halt the execution of a vicious murderer in Texas. Sadly, he is joined by former President George W. Bush and a variety of other politicians.

This alleged "person" is Humberto Leal Garcia, convicted of the 1994 abduction, rape and bludgeoning death of 16-year-old Adria Sauceda, whom he met at a party where she was purposefully intoxicated, circled by as many as nine men, and repeatedly gang raped in the back yard. Later that night, Humberto Leal Garcia took the girl to another location where he raped her again and finally smashed her head with a 35-pound chunk of asphalt.

The objections of Obama and Bush, et al, are over Garcia's rights as a Mexican national and the failure of law enforcement to notify him of his rights at the time to contact the Mexican Consulate during the investigations and trial. Garcia was two years old when he entered the United States and 21 when he killed Adria Sauceda. He was in this country for two decades. If the Dream Act were already in place, would he have had the same rights?

Obama is now petitioning the Supreme Court to stay the execution of this cretin until Congress can pass a law adhering to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling that "the US authorities had failed to meet its legal obligations to 51 Mexicans awaiting execution in American prisons when they were not informed of their right to contact their consulates". But the Supreme Court has already shot down the appeals of seven other Mexican-born Texas death row inmates in 2008. These include:

-Ruben Cardenas, 37, convicted of the rape-slaying of a 16-year-old girl abducted from Edinburg in 1997.

-Felix Rocha, 31, convicted of the slaying and robbery of a security guard outside a Houston club in 1994.

-Virgilio Maldonado, 42, condemned for a 1995 robbery and slaying at a Houston apartment complex.

-Robert Ramos, 53, convicted of the 1992 slayings of his wife and two children at their home in Progreso in Hidalgo County.

-Humberto Leal Garcia, 35, condemned for the abduction, rape and fatal bludgeoning of a 16-year-old San Antonio girl in 1994.

-Ignacio Gomez, 38, convicted of the fatal shooting of three people in El Paso in 1996.

So the Dream Act seeks to give illegal aliens all the rights of Americans if they're here for more than five years. At what point do their consulates become irrelevant. Or do they?

More important is whether the Dream Act, if ever passed, will create an entire new class of "citizen" in America. What was once considered the melting pot could conceivably become a massive town square populated by people of all different ethnicity's and protected by their own set of diplomatic standards. Diplomatic immunity is one thing where parking tickets are concerned, but quite another when capital offenses are at play.

One final point that should appeal to anyone with common sense; Donald F. Donovan, a New York lawyer who represented the Mexican government in The Hague, asked the question, “If you were arrested in Damascus and they gave you a dime would you want to call your court-appointed lawyer or the American Embassy?”

My answer would be quite simple. First and foremost, I would never be in Syria intentionally, and there is no way in hell that I would ever sneak in uninvited.

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Edisto Joe said...

Excellent ending point made to a great post. Why do we always hear that the American justice system is the best in the world and then liberals want foriegn defendants to have access to their justice systems? Muslim, Mexican, you name it, all of a sudden American justice isn't good enough.

Woody said...

Thank you, EJ.

Perhaps the answer to your question would lie in the fact that Obama and his ilk also want to fundamentally change the greatest nation ever to grace the planet.

I hope you're mending well, my friend.