Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Crossroads of 2012

2012: Perhaps the most important
election in American history.

The chaos in Europe should serve as a stark warning for America as, there, they reap the harvest of socialism, however mild a form .  

In a wistful phantasm, John Lennon once sang, "Imagine all the people living life in peace." His was a vision of a socialist Utopia that many proponents delusively insist will ultimately create a world free of want and, as a result, devoid of conflict. But as the turmoil in Europe demonstrates, unrest is the eventual byproduct of a nanny state, for the human creature is inherently insatiable. When left to pursue his own destiny the condition is a virtue. When conditioned to expect it from the government, it becomes a dangerous vice.

For those who romanticize about a world where everyone shares equally, socialism has proven time and again that the system requires a person or people at the top, running things and providing for the masses. One only need look to a pasture of grazing cattle to see the comparison; while the cattle appear to be content, they do not know happiness or joy, and they are nonetheless dependent on the farmer. And when the field is depleted of sustenance, they will stampede.

They are stampeding now in London, they have stampeded in Greece, and they behave anywhere in the world just as deprived cattle will, only worse.

Cattle do not loot, nor do they viciously attack other cattle.

We have seen similar behavior here in the United States, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, for example. We've had massive riots in California and New York in the past. Those would seem mild in comparison to what we may witness if we remain on our current trajectory. Our people are being conditioned to accept such a fate, relying more and more on the alleged benefactor that is government. Our steps toward socialism have historically been incremental, until now. With most of the framework patiently laid out, Barack Obama and the leftists now in control of the Senate have accelerated the pace to a fever pitch.

When the free well runs dry.
The health care travesty was a part of it, but so much more has been done, including the increasingly seeming intentional destruction of wealth and our economy. According to the USDA, the rolls of people receiving food stamps in America will next year reach 43.4 million. That is a tremendous number of dependent people, and it is due to the sustained high level of unemployment here. It is impossible to determine with certitude whether President Obama is failing through ineptitude in a genuine attempt to help or if he is intentionally doing all he can to raise dependency in order to create an army of angry cows.

Whatever the reason, that army is growing at an alarming pace, and they will react violently when the pasture goes barren.

What is clear is that our people are being recruited into slavery to the State and eventually the system will either collapse, or someone will have to step up and right the ship. In either instance, the free stuff will have to cease, or at least slow to a trickle for the most severely needy.

A candidate who can demonstrate a concrete understanding of the ills we face -- and a track record for having solved similar problems -- would make great inroads into the stretch run for 2012. It is imperative that our course change and change before we pass the point of no return. We've already come too far, and such a course change will most likely cause significant strife here, but as we come to the junction of this president's term, whether we choose straight at the intersection or "right turn, Clyde" could determine the survival of this republic.

Dead ahead lies disaster.

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1 comment:

SleeplessByTheSea said...

Without Leadership, we are headed for disaster. This administration has clearly proven over and over they are incompetent, and completely void of understanding what makes a fine machine tick. Their idealism, just like Lennon's sounds good, but it lacks ways & means, and management. Without competent management, nothing works, at least not for long...not even a cattle ranch. If left on their own, the cattle will simply eat, sleep and poop. Obama's plan leaves nobody to clean up the poop. What do you have left? A pile....a big pile, that nobody in their right mind wants any part of.
And, unfortunately the kind of poop the Obama administration is leaving in their tracks, is not biodegradable. We can only pray that it doesn't pile too high, before 2012, when we can get those greenhorns replaced with some real leadership skills.