Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Irony Abounds in the Halls of Congress

Vice President Joe Biden
in a rare moment without his
foot in his mouth.

Insults and accusations fly unabated in the Capitol building. Angry responses empty the quivers of the accused, and the media still doesn't report the truth, content instead to keep the tempest stoked, basically seeding the news cycle for future harvest.

Shortly after the debt debate was settled, Vice President Joe Biden referred to the Tea Party caucus in the Republican-controlled House as terrorists. Rep. Michele Bachmann and one-time vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin fired back immediately, letting Biden know that his words were "vile" and "quite appalling". Both demanded an apology. No one in the media has shared that sentiment, however. One can only imagine the reaction of the press had a Republican said such a thing.

Hypocrisy is rich in irony, however, and the Democrats have the former in abundance. As Biden uttered those despicable words, standing nearby was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona congresswoman who was shot in the head last January by Jared Loughner. It was the first time since the shooting that Giffords returned to the Capitol building.

In the immediate aftermath of that horrific event -- in which 6 people were killed and 13 wounded -- the Democrats took to the microphones and the cameras to decry "the tone of the rhetoric", which they blamed for the shooting. They railed against ads using cross hairs, they whined about what they consider vitriol from talk radio, and they demanded that it all be ratcheted down. Of course, this was all because of the mistaken belief and hasty assessment that Fox News and talk radio were somehow responsible for the actions of Loughner.

Miraculously, Giffords not only survived the shot in the head at close range, her condition improved rapidly and dramatically. So as the woman-become-victim -- who had been the rallying point for the Democrats for us to "tone it down" -- makes a triumphant return to Congress to vote on the debt ceiling debate, and then Biden calls his opponents terrorists.

In a doubling-down of irony is the use of that particular descriptive term. In March of this year, the Obama administration replaced the words "terrorist" and "terrorism". In fact, in the Obama administration, what was once called an act of terror shall now be referred to as a "man-caused disaster".

Let's see if we can get this straight now...Obama and Biden can't call an actual terrorist a terrorist, but it's quite alright to call a Tea Party member a terrorist. Am I the only one who sees something wrong here? Considering that a young Barack Hussein Obama was chummy with Bill Ayers -- a bonafide terrorist -- and the media not only ignored that factoid, but sought to suppress it, irony bursts forth like the crude on Jed Clampett's property after a misplaced bullet.

The left still may have a firm grip on control right now in America, but they are terrified of the Tea Party. Certainly there were a few strays in that caucus in Congress this time around, in this particular battle, but for the most part part, they held strong to the principles that we, the people, demanded of them with our votes. And because they entered their freshman terms in great numbers -- and therefore had a strong caucus going in -- they were not to be bought, bribed or coerced.

In the past, we have sent the most principled of people to represent us, but standing alone in the well or facing an entrenched leader always proved too daunting a task, and those principled people were quickly consumed by the machine into which they were cast. Deals were offered and accepted, and in short time the person we elected was no longer recognizable.

When that same machine met an 87-member-sized chunk of "new meat", as in the Tea Party members who gained freshman seats thanks to you, the machine suddenly found the teeth of its gears insufficient for the job, and the wild party ground to a halt. That's when the new power -- the formerly fringe left -- realized that their own soiree was in jeopardy, and the attacks began. Congressmen and senators who believed in the principle of fiscal responsibility, and really anything traditionally American, became targets (pardon the "tone") of the proponents of socialism.

Further, the cries of the president, the vice president and the Democrat Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, that the Tea Party is a "disconcerting" movement is an indictment on all of us who elected them. All of the unwashed masses that were opposed to the health care debacle forced upon us must also be viewed as terrorists by the Democrats and this administration.

That is the ultimate irony in our current state of affairs, and one I simply cannot abide. For most of my life, the left has been the bane of American society. Today, after all of their painstakingly incremental victories, spanning decades, they have supplanted sanity and seized the reins of the carriage.

Irony exemplified  is the inmates running the asylum. We, America, are there now.

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Anonymous said...

The true irony in all of this is that the Tea Party members can not change this government. What they must do instead is re-occupy the old Republic. That republic that stood before 1871. That United States of America not THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Ever notice?