Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Don't Need My Government to Tell Me How to Mourn!

We'll be Praying That Day.

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I not only don't need my government to tell me how to mourn, but I am surely not going to allow them to tell me not to pray for the families, and the souls of all of the victims of September 11th. That day affected all of us. It affected me to my very core. And now that I have been to New York City, and walked that sacred ground, nobody can tell me it does not deserve all of our prayers. Those terrorists may have knocked down those building, but they did not kill our spirit. (or did they?) And we must not allow them to destroy our freedom of our own faith.

Today, when the White House came out with talking points about how we should speak about 9/11 -- and that it is not all about us -- that was the last straw. The next to the last straw was last week, when New York's Mayor Bloomberg announced there would be no prayer at the 10th anniversary memorial at ground zero.

What is the matter with these people? If they don't want to pray, they don't have to. But, they have no right whatsoever, in this country, founded on faith principals, to try to take it away from the rest of us.

If ever there was an event in this country that caused much of this nation to pray, it was the horrible acts that occurred that day. Anyone with a heart prayed...prayed for the lost souls...prayed for their families, and prayed for the responders. And we prayed for our country that was clearly under attack.

More and more everyday I am shocked at how many people are still in denial about our freedoms that are being stomped on. Yes we have an enemy that clearly wants to kill Americans, but we also now clearly have an enemy within that is hellbent on trying to destroy our faith, our freedom, and our way of life.

A Judeo-Christian Nation
Contrary to what our current president has stated around the world, we still are a Christian nation, at least for the moment. You have to look no further than our own founding documents, and our monuments in Washington, D.C., to see that this country was indeed created for us to have those freedoms, and especially our freedom of religion, if we so choose.

How many more violations of our rights are we going to allow them to take before we the people stand up, and shout out, "No More"?  Our forefathers built protections into our constitution so this would not happen. Yet, we stand by and allow them to whittle away at that very constitution, article by article, amendment by amendment.

Each and every one of us that values our freedom to practice our religion must act now. We must make ourselves heard. We must not just sit idly at home and complain about it, or it will all be gone, and the terrorists will have won after all.

I will be praying, on 9/11. I hope you will too! No government will ever stop me. But I need you that rarely write letters, or rarely write your congressmen to stand up with me and get vocal. They take our silence as submission. It is past time to get pro-active. They need to understand that we will no longer tolerate them tearing apart the God given gift, of this free nation. Together, we can save it. We must save it, for our children and grandchildren.

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