Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Perhaps a Simpler View?

The partisan divide seems
worse than it has ever been.
There are two sets of philosophies in America whose differences have widened along the years. One side says that Conservatism is best for people and, quite naturally, the other says it's the Liberal ideology that will save us all and make everyone happy. Since most people now involved in the debate rely on a decidedly left leaning media -- or comedy shows like Jon Stewart -- for their opinions on these matters, I thought it might be time to frame the debate in simpler terms.

I will therefore relate my personal situation as an example, and let the readers decide if they are more like me, or more like Ms. "Obamaphone", the lady splashed all over the social media during the 2012 election season.

For starters, I am Joe Citizen. That is to say, I live paycheck to paycheck like many people. I am not rich, nor have I ever been rich. (Side note: I speak of financial wealth only. As far as my family is concerned -- healthy and happy -- I consider myself to be the wealthiest man on Earth). I have never envied those who are financially successful in a substantive way, meaning I never wanted someone to take their money and give me some. I never wanted anything from the government until they begin paying back the money they took from me all of my working years. And all I ever really wanted was a chance to work and make a decent living.

Somewhere along the line, the brains of roughly half of America have become cross-wired. These people now believe that the fruits of the labor of others somehow are owed to them because it's just not fair if someone else works hard enough to "make it". These people began complaining about unfair taxation, never bothering to learn and understand the tax system, and our increasingly left-leaning government has only stoked that class envy.

The Socialist economic philosophy
perfectly illustrated. 
During a 1963 speech, President John F. Kennedy used the phrase, "a rising tide lifts all boats". Originating with the New England Council, the phrase was also used during the years of President Ronald Reagan to defend his tax cuts. The idea is that if the economy is steadily improving, everyone will benefit to varying degrees. The Socialist (and Liberal) philosophy has been demonstrated throughout time to be to figuratively drain the water from the ocean so that all boats sit equally on the bottom. Equal misery for all.

From the time I started working (1976) until 2010, I have not needed the government's help to get by, even during a 9 week period of unemployment in the late '90's. I worked part time in the interim, and eventually found full time employment while maintaining the part time job for a number of years.

What do we have today? A part time is the best most can do, and as Obamacare grows in coming years, part time will become more common and exclusive to most. I have had to rely on my meager 401k for loans and withdrawals to survive, hoping that I have not made a grave error upon retirement. This is the Liberal dream which was supposed to be our savior.

The exam at the end here will be for any readers -- and I realize that most are fellow Conservatives -- to compare your own realty with the fiction of Liberalism. Consider also, providing you are doing ok in these tumultuous times, how those who are close to you are faring. Obama is not good for America, folks. At least not the America I remember.

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