Thursday, October 3, 2013

When You Elect a Petulant Child...

...this is what you get.
How in God's name can the media continue to protect this boy president and his cronies in the Capitol? How is it even possible that here in America, a supposed nation of grownups who have weathered every storm we have confronted in the past, we allow this infantile behavior to go unchecked? Has the country lost not only its reason, but also its soul?

On Wednesday, the Obama Administration tried to shut down the World War II Memorial, despite the arrival of Honor Flight senior veterans from around the country. Happily, the aged veterans ignored the barricades and visited their memorial, some of them for the first time.

But Obama was far from being finished with his tantrums. Later in the day, there were workers and a bulldozer at the site, fortifying the barriers around the memorial to prevent further "intrusions" by the people for whom the structure exists. They even have 8 policemen on horseback to ensure that no unruly characters dare visit the memorial. It has been pointed out by several pundits that the cost of keeping people out of the memorial is far more than simply leaving the site as it is normally, which is wide open and accessible 24/7. And yet Obama continues around the country, attempting similar tactics to cause the most pain to the American people as is possible.

In Alexandria, VA, the feds erected barricades at the site of our first president's home, Mount Vernon. The National Park Service (NPS) began setting up barricades to block off the sites car park, which is partly owned by NPS, but requires no immediate maintenance. The park itself is owned by The Mount Vernon Ladies Association, which receives no federal funding. It is privately owned, and yet Obama tried to shut it down, blocking even the tour bus turnaround there.

In a classic case of "when parks are outlawed, only outlaws will use parks", the Obama Administration has been spending resources -- that should not be available during a shutdown, one would think -- well above the cost of leaving the parks open. Around D.C., hiking and biking trails requiring no maintenance or patrols, have been shut down, officers have been stationed along a 184 mile stretch of Chesapeake and Ohio canal, and the handles from the well pumps have been removed. People have simply disregarded "closed" notices and use the trails anyway. Criminals!

It's been mentioned that the WWII memorial has been better guarded than the Consulate in Benghazi. I would also add to that the fact that our government wanted to put watering stations in the desert so illegal aliens crossing from Mexico didn't dehydrate, but they removed the well pump handles in our own parks. Doesn't anyone see the hypocrisy here?

Obama is behaving as a petulant child, angrily reaching out to cause damage because he is upset at not getting his way. This is the person that our nation selected not once, but twice, to "lead" us? And no one in the mainstream media seems to have a problem with these shenanigans?

We have come a long way as a nation in 237 years. I just never imagined we'd end up here.

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