Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Affordable Care Act Was an Expensive Ruse

No treat, just tricks.
How far will our government go to pull the wool over our eyes? How much money -- notably none of it theirs -- will they squander toward achieving their goals? These are questions we must now begin to ask. I guess Halloween is as good a time as any.

For weeks we have been pondering the ineptitude of an administration that could roll out such an embarrassing fiasco as the Affordable Care Act and its accompanying website, especially after a three-year lead time to prepare. Now we are horrified to learn that the man leading our nation could captain such a foul event while wondering how deep his incompetence actually runs.

Such concerns should have been vigorously investigated and reported in 2007 and 2008, when scores of people were then ringing the alarm bells, the same bells that fell on the deaf ears of the minions who sought the first black president of America despite his vacuous qualifications. Now that Obama has had five years -- and an unlikely re-election -- to foist his will upon us, we finally begin to wonder just what in the hell he is doing.

Our Congress has held hearings on the matter, yesterday grilling Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and learning only that the Obama administration has no intention of changing course or accepting culpability in the entire mess.

Sebelius even blamed Verizon for the websites woes, but this is all a ruse designed to generate outrage among the electorate. Is it working? Are you as angry as I am right now? Well, relax, because all of this is theater for the unwashed masses, a clever play designed to steer us all in a particular direction, a direction that could never have been sold when the battle for Obamacare was raging in 2009.

What is that direction, you ask, a fair question considering that I have expended five paragraphs to get here. Well, here it is: Obama intended the Affordable Care Act to fail from the beginning, and he's not embarrassed at all, but giddy. Yes, Kathleen Sebelius will be sacrificed at the altar of Obama, but who hasn't--or who won't be?

The big question I have at this point is who else in our government is complicit, and to what end?

Bob Cratchet begs for a lump of coal.
Certainly the Republicans in Congress could have foreseen what is coming, and certainly they should have been able to warn us, right? Or perhaps the media's unwillingness to question their Messiah Obama lead to a reticence on the Republicans part. Either way, we have been duped and we have been let down. Worst of all, we have been corralled in this direction like cattle, which is how our government views us.

Why would Obama launch a program he knows is destined to fail? Because he calculated that people would be so angry, that the fix would be a single payer health care system. And why not, the people were already suckered into the Affordable Care Act, one more step beyond that would be child's play.

So like Bob Cratchet above, begging Scrooge for a lump of coal for the fire, so will the American people one day have to beg for medicine and operations from the government, the single payer, while the people who were supposed to represent us get the best care in the world.

Just like every good totalitarian society before them, we will all be the subjects of yet another tyrant with no one left to save us from ourselves. The only way for we, the people, to have true representation is to send our own to Congress in a massive wave, washing away the stale, old members who have clung to their seats like barnacles in the sea. If not, we are doomed to drown.

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