Friday, January 10, 2014

Hubub Over the Hudson and the Man on an Island

Is this really critical in America
right now?
To listen to the mainstream media carry on and on about someone in New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's office closing of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge in September, you would think that the event was a tragedy on a level of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the attempt on the U.S. Capitol Building. Oh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the outrage and the indignation of the media is deafening, especially if you live in the Tri-State area.

While I understand that traffic in the Northeast is much more than annoying under normal conditions, it must also be noted that people who deal with it everyday should be somewhat used to it by now. So now that we find out that the lane closures of September were political retribution for the Fort Lee NJ mayor, I can appreciate people feeling a tad angry, but really, this incident must be taken in the proper context.

The media has shown much more interest in the story of a traffic jam than they have about a terrorist attack on a U.S. Consulate building in Libya, in which four Americans were killed. According to, the media has had 17 times more coverage of "Bridgegate" than it has in the last 6 months of the IRS scandal. And Fast and Furious? Um, what was that, again?

I realize how insensitive I must sound considering that people in the Northeast were needlessly inconvenienced for some Governor's aide's grudge, but really, is this story critical right now in America? Given the implications of possibly damaging Chris Christie for 2016, we must remember that 2016 is still 2 years away, so do we need to be bludgeoned with boredom from a rabid press who couldn't have expressed any less curiosity about the past of one Senator Barack Obama in 2008, or about how our Libyan Ambassador and three other American heroes died while now-President Obama slept?

Besides, the media is assuming that Christie -- based on early polls -- is already the presumptive Republican nominee, while the electorate has not even considered such things as yet. The TEA Party should be free of the IRS scrutiny they faced in the last few years, and they will be back with a vengeance. Our only worry along those lines is our testy relationship with so-called "establishment" Republicans, who will fight for their political lives in the next two years, and will give no quarter even against supposed allies.

There is a terrible tragedy besetting America in the 21st century, and it has to do with the alleged "free press". Of course, it began long before the turn of the century, but it has gotten worse as the new millennium ages. The American people once depended on the information provided by an unbiased media for their information, but that has become nothing but a ruse for the promotion of ones own ideological agenda. And to make matters worse, the alleged "watchdogs" of government abuse are unabashed in their cheer leading.

Ironically, in the case of Governor Christie -- and I must qualify the following by saying I have never been a big fan of the man -- the media who will eventually build him up as the Republican challenger to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 showdown must first tear him down over the bridge debacle to set the stage for the general election. We will first endure the tedious repetition of "Bridgegate" with all the film and print coverage, and then finally be spared in a couple of weeks.

Losers we let the media
pick for us.
But the film and print articles will be dutifully stored away for the home stretch to Election '16, and the interim -- after the "evidence" is safely stored away -- will be all about how Christie is the best man for the Republican party challenge to the eventual Queen Hillary.

So for now, Chris Christie is a man on an Island, a man where no party will embrace him while the media sharks tear him asunder. He will emerge from "Bridgegate" just fine in the short term. But the media vaults will be bursting to get free just in time for the final assault on the Governor.

We can stop this, however. We can let the media think their plan is working for as long as possible, and then nominate a true Conservative, and blow their minds. If the TEA Party can play along convincingly, we can sneak a Ted Cruz in under the wire during the primaries, and blow the election wide open before a gape-mouthed press and Democrat party.

I know, I know...wishful thinking. But hey, it got your mind off of "Bridgegate" for a few minutes, right? And who knows, sometimes science fiction does precede reality, proving that a fertile mind can predict the future.

Make it so, America. 

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