Friday, January 17, 2014

Throughout History, They Keep Trying

An illustrated history of tenacity.
There is something perverted in the human psyche, something that makes the decent trudge on despite all obstacles and something that makes the evil insist on inflicting their whims on the decent. History is replete with example after example, and this history -- thus far at least -- is available for all to read, and yet the attempts at repeating continue unabated. And we ask ourselves why.

What makes people in power suffer the affliction of insatiability? Why can't they ever be content to lead a good people? What is it that can never fill the bellies of the beasts, and why do they kill us when they realize their own inadequacies rather than step down and walk away in shame? I wish I knew the answer to these questions. The one thing I do know, however, is that evil is doggedly tenacious.

For almost 200 years we in America have been insulated from the desires of tyrants, and we became complacent in that time, telling ourselves that it could never happen here. We felt safe from the horror we witnessed around us in other countries, even as we fought those forces more than once. Little did we realize that we would ever be fighting them at home. And little did we know how ethereal the monster would be and how hard it would be to fight.

Barack Obama and his Socialist cohorts are doing exactly as he told us they would, which is to "radically transform" America, and nearly half the country seems to support his agenda, perhaps not realizing the true intentions of these people. Like Adolph Hitler in the 1930's, the message -- however convoluted it may be -- masks the end result of what they plan. Some would compare it to the parable of the frog in a pot of warm water that is slowly brought to a boil while the frog sits still, not realizing what is happening until he is cooked.

The frustrating part of our current dilemma is that unlike 1930's Germany, we have people here today who are sounding the alarm bells daily, but the warnings fall on deaf ears. People are still in denial that anything like that is happening here in America, despite the evidence all around them. The militarization of police forces around the country, the attempts by the Executive branch to grab our guns and the Left's maneuvers to end the 22nd Amendment are just a few signs of what is to come.

Barack Obama is bankrupting America at a breakneck pace, and devaluing the U.S. currency. He is selectively enforcing American laws and writing his own with a stroke of his blasted pen. His government is buying up guns and ammunition in alarming quantities, and people simply go about their clueless lives like nothing is going on. Entire cities are crumbling under insolvency and unemployment is much, much worse than the numbers they show us on the nightly news.

Illegals protesting in America
Illegal immigrants, who once hid for fear of being deported, are now demanding -- out in the open -- of our elected representatives things which American citizens cannot get. Obama is purging top military commanders from our armed forces, and the media won't even raise an eyebrow over Benghazi. Atheists have American Christians on the defensive almost daily, and still, there are people in this country who don't recognize a problem?

People, it may be uncomfortable to hear, and some of you may call me a kook, but the Cold War never really ended, it just shifted the arena to our shores and made some substitutions in the game. I know there are millions of you out there who are true blue Americans who simply may not recognize the new rules of engagement, but it is imperative that you wake up very soon, or we could lose the greatest country ever to grace the face of the Earth.

As I mentioned earlier these Socialists are relentless, and even the proof of recent history will not deter them from repeating it. Our biggest mistake was letting them out of the shadows in the 1960's. Once out of the bottle, this particular genie
will prove difficult to return there, but we must make it happen, or we will lose it all. The first step is to finally admit that it is happening.

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