Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Re-Branding of an Industry

Oops! Global Warming research
ship stuck in the ice. 
Newsflash: the Left actually hates Saul Alinsky when he is used against them.
Chris Hayes of MSNBC's All In is as mad as Hell, and he is not going to take it any more, to quote Howard Beale of the film Network. Chris recently took to the airwaves (cableways?) to opine in plaintive fashion about all of these right wingers giddily pointing out that a research ship from Australia -- ferrying a group of climate scientists -- has been stuck in increasingly thickening ice since Christmas Eve. You can watch the pitiable mewling of Chris Hayes here.

Fortunately, the crew and passengers of the ship were in no danger of sinking or starving, as the ship had enough supplies for weeks. You see, we (the Right) only laugh when something is genuinely funny. And the irony of this situation was just too rich to ignore. A group of scientists -- who Chris Hayes claims does things like this for "no monetary gain, but only to save the planet", yet has the wherewithal to charter a large ship -- sailed to Antarctica to further bolster the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), ostensibly.  But when they got to the South Pole, their ship became surrounded by thick ice, thus trapping the ship.

The ensuing hilarity, from places like The Drudge Report to The Rush Limbaugh Show to Climate Depot, was enough to set the Left ablaze, and Chris Hayes was all over it. And he brought along some real experts to help him "set the record straight". Michael Mann of the discredited "hockey stick" fame was up first, followed by Sam Seder of The Majority Report, a leftist propaganda organ, and Eric Boehlert of Media Matters, an organization reported to have written much of MSNBC's material.

Note in the clip how they whine about the "big money" on the right fueling the global warming skepticism, and how they complain about the mocking of this event by...mocking it. More irony. For starters, there is no more money to be had than that wielded by the global warming crowd, from the IPCC itself to Al Gore and George Soros. But we must remember that these folks have nothing but the salvation of the Earth at heart. Stifle your laughter, please.

And complaining about being mocked is the epitome of hypocrisy from the likes of leftist MSNBC, for they have perfected that tactic over the years, making Saul Alinsky proud. My, how they hate having the tables turned on them. But Hayes and friends go on to attempt to mock the skeptics by saying sarcastically, "Yeah, it's cold, it's winter"!

Perhaps the best part of all was Michael Mann smugly telling the audience that global warming climate change was actually responsible for more ice forming in the South Pole, because warmer water means more moisture in the air which contributes to the formation of ice, and that is was the North Pole we should be focused on, because the Arctic would be ice free in decades.  Huh?

Lost revenues for the Left
So a layman such as myself would be forced to ponder why all that warm water in the Arctic would not produce the same effect. Call me kooky, or just a skeptic, but I am not stupid, and many people are starting to come to the same realization that these clowns -- who profess to be scientists and not ideologues -- are selling us a bridge they don't own.

Such is the necessity to re-brand the term "global warming" into the more flexible "climate change", but people are no longer buying it, and the left is coming unhinged as they see their empire of global catastrophe come crashing down like a section of the Larsen B ice shelf in Antarctica. Think of the "big money" they will be missing out on if the people begin to resume their lives, knowing that life goes on until God says it's enough, and that Man has no say in the matter.


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