Thursday, June 26, 2008

Color Me Frustrated

Courtesy of my friend, SleeplessByTheSea

Color me frustrated, and call me Michelle McCain, because I’m going to borrow a phrase from both of them, Michelle Obama, and John McCain. My fellow, Americans, I have never been less proud of my country, than I am this evening. After the news today, that our Supreme Court decided to extend the gift of life to an evil child rapist, that doesn’t deserve to grasp for his next breath of air, and after their decision just last week to extend the rights of American Citizens to known enemy terrorists, I am dumbfounded.

I do not understand what is happening to our country. Our country is no longer what our founders intended. Every branch of government has been abused and quirked to overstep it’s boundaries, and cause even more grief for it’s citizens, instead of defending and protecting them. In both instances mentioned above, rapists and terrorists are treated with more respect that our own citizens. Congratulations to the liberal movement, for unwinding what took over 200 years to build, you have done a good job of shredding it, ever since the Viet Nam years.

No longer is it honorable to defend what is right. Instead, now, it is “PC”, to just pull everything you can out of your neighbor’s pocket, so everyone can have their fair share.

So, everyone, including illegals, can have what up until now was acquired only by those willing to put out the blood sweat and tears to get it. Let’s not offend anyone, and by golly, let’s not leave anyone out. The rich capitalists shouldn’t have it all. Nevermind that those rich capitalists are the ones that provide the jobs that you support your families from. Nevermind that those rich capitalists still gulp down the majority of the outrageous tax bills they are presented with, thanks to an out of control spending congress.

Could someone please step up to the plate, and show me where in our sacred constitution it says that the government is to run our lives? Where does it say the government is to provide for our needs? And, please, where does it state that our government should refuse us the use of our own resourses, so we can be left at the mercy of those in foreign lands that hate us, so they can improve their economy and kill ours?

Here we are on the eve of an election for new leaderships. We don’t have much choice.

One man has a terrific military record, but he is not connecting with the people. He clearly is not leadership material. On the other hand, we have a virtually unknown man that has literally only really served months in the senate, and yet he claims to have all of the answers we will ever need to live happily ever after. Nevermind he has no leadership experience. Nevermind he wants to have warm and fuzzy fireside chats with our enemies. And never mind that he has already proven to us he is not a great judge of character of who he places his trust in. He is going to “change” things. The problem with that is, he is talking about the same kind of changes the dems have been talking about for years….like higher taxes, which of course means even more spending. And lets not forget he wants to wave the flag, and bring our troops home. Shades of the Clinton years, when he downsized our military, and left us vulnurable. Nevermind, that there is still a worldwide jihad that has been declared, and they already murdered innocent civilians right here on our soil. Nevermind, that the current President has kept this country from another attack, by going on the offensive. It has been almost 7 years since we have had an attack here, yet they are still happening all over the world. Can Obama guarantee those same results by pulling our troops out of the Middle East? We already know we have sleeper cells righ here under our nose. What does he think they are here for? Or does he know something we don’t?

No, there’s not a whole lot to be proud of right now. Conservatives traditionally do not rebel. They do not protest often, and they do not riot. Instead they sit back and watch.

Well, they have sat quiet too long. The liberals have taken ever opportunity to change our entire Judeo~ Christian value system, that our constitution was based on. You don’t have to look far to see that. You can see it in our schools, you can see it in our workplaces, and you can see it in our media and entertainment. And sadly, I have little hope for this country to ever get back on the right track. We’re going to need the government to take care of it all, because they’ve done a masterful job of killing any incentive for the American dream.

(No wonder I’m)


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