Monday, June 9, 2008

The Wolf As Victim

There once was a flock of sheep who wanted nothing more than to graze peacefully in the meadow. Each day the shepherd and the sheepdog would lead them out to pasture and let them have their fill, but at the end of each day their number returning would be reduced by one or two. The sheep noticed this while the shepherd and sheepdog did not.

One day the sheep had had enough and insisted upon a meeting with the shepherd and sheepdog to make their concerns known. While they were peace-loving creatures, they were angry and demanded justice and protection. They informed the shepherd and the sheepdog that a Wolf was preying on them and wanted to eat every last one of them. Shocked at this, the Watchers summoned the Wolf for a consultation.

As the shepherd and the sheepdog relayed the concerns and accusations of the sheep to the Wolf, the Wolf became increasingly indignant at the charges. By the end of the meeting, the Wolf was crying while simultaneously threatening to sue the Watchers for impugning his character.

“I am a creature of this Earth just as you are,” sobbed the Wolf. “This injustice cannot go unchallenged.”

Unwilling to appear insensitive to the Wolf, the shepherd and the sheepdog assured the Wolf that they would persuade the sheep to cease and decist from this defamatory rhetoric and to convince them that their fears were unfounded. Smiling, the Wolf accepted the settlement.

Before they knew what had happened, the shepherd and the sheepdog were standing watch over an empty pasture.


There are so many situations to which to apply this scenario, I scarcely know where to begin. I guess that as good a place as any would be the Muslim connection. The Muslim community has been slowly but steadily instilling their way of life across Europe and while people try to point out that there is something wrong, they are shouted down as “intolerant” voices or “hateful”. Muslims have been successfully using Western laws to their advantage. Or insisting that their laws be adhered to in any non-Muslim country.

When they beat or rape their women and children, they expect other cultures to respect “their way”. When other cultures balk at said acceptance, they are deemed “intolerant”. Once labelled thus, those other cultures are quick to acquiesce in an attempt to appear “fair and tolerant”. Chalk one up for the opposition.

Another excellent example of this style of subversion and subterfuge is the utilization of the very same tactic as the left in our very own country. The beauty of this movement is the simple fact that our own left can be as overt as they wish in their quest to transform our country into that which they desire: a giant commune. A giant commune with an elite ruling class.

(One quick sidenote: Conservatives wish to preserve our way of life as we know it. Liberals are always seeking “progressive” change.)

Undoubtedly many readers have already succumbed to stage one of the plan, that being a pre-programmed reaction, however subliminal, to my last paragraph. “A giant commune!”, they will scoff. The very idea has been made to seem so ridiculous to us to a point where now is the perfect time to implement such a scheme. “Make them look until they no longer see.”

Take Mr. Wolf. He was smart enough to use the “system” to his advantage. Is he also smart enough to dress up as a “boy who cried Wolf” until he lulled the town into disbelief? I think he is, and I also believe that at least half the “town” is deep into REM slumber. I also fear that half of the half that is still awake will accuse me of being crazy.

That leaves one quarter of us to sound the alarm. I don’t like the odds.

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