Monday, December 7, 2009

A Brilliant Scheme With Some Assembly Required

Relax, and put those tools away. This one I will deliver with the assembly complete, gratis. The only work required on your part is the capability to actually see the finished product. It is a monstrous vision, so be prepared.

The Cloward-Piven Strategy of Manufactured Crisis is not only a masterpiece of tactical brilliance but also one of excruciating patience, the magnitude of which is unimaginable to people of the new generation. What this duo conceived, and what their students have constructed and employed, makes the building of the Pyramids pale in comparison.

Effortlessly hurdling the few obstacles placed in their path by simple happenstance and minor miscalculation along the way, the liberal machine has meticulously managed the journey to world domination while free peoples enjoyed the fruits of their labors, albeit to lesser and lesser degrees, and as such were unaware of the peril gaining ground on them. Now, Conservatives have awakened to the intruder in the room and it remains to be seen as yet if the fog of slumber can be shaken in time to prevent the offending knife from severing an artery.

While the famed "Communist Manifesto" and its multiple points on defeating America may be a fact embroiled in some form of dispute, the points made in it are a clear blueprint to what the left has perpetrated up to now. A takeover of the education system in this country, the indoctrination of our youth, the erosion of morality and the elevation of perverse practices have all contributed to the weakening of our very structure. With the people scrambling amid the social turmoil, the agents of our demise have been nothing but covertly industrious.

With the successful decay of our moral foundation fomented, the enemies of freedom set about tackling the economic engine of that freedom. This was accomplished under the guise of compassion, plaintively pleading the plight of the "poor" and attacking affluence as unfair. This is where their success took root because the people who worked hard to achieve their wealth - which has always been the essence of the American Dream - were ground down to accepting the guilt heaped upon them. Here, they were convinced that it was too easy, despite their sweat and labor, to succeed, and like so many sons of possessive mothers, were now willing to "make things right".

Thus it became insufficient for Americans' unsurpassed generosity to care for the downtrodden, and we yielded that task to our public servants, the government. The problem is that for them to undertake such a task they had to seize the money from all of us, the affluent as well as the struggling. We no longer had the luxury of deciding how much we could afford to donate; that would now be done by fiat.

Still not satiated, the government decided that it needed to confiscate more from the taxpayer to fund "affordable housing" in the forms of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. When those two organizations were so mismanaged that they were nearing catastrophe, our "Representatives" claimed that everything was just fine. We now know how that worked out. The plan was working beautifully thus far...

Back in the mid '70's, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided that cars caused pollution, and mandated that cars manufactured beginning in 1975 were equipped with catalytic converters to reduce the effects of automobile exhaust on our environment. It sounds like a reasonable plan, right? Wait.

What the catalytic converter did was to convert carbon monoxide (poisonous) to carbon dioxide (benign). Now the very same EPA has taken advantage of a ludicrous Supreme Court ruling that so-called greenhouse gasses are pollutants, and is poised to severely regulate the once-benign gas of CO2, paving the way for more economic ruin on our country. (Can we initiate a class action lawsuit against the EPA for insisting on the catalytic converter?)

If the EPA actually mandates that "greenhouse gasses" must be regulated, some serious questions arise immediately, at least in this fertile mind. First, are we going to kill every cow on the planet? Cattle are the foremost contributors of CO2, so we're told. What about our own exhalations? If CO2 is a danger to humans, as the EPA is set to rule, will we be required to exhale while walking backward, and away from other humans? Will there be EPA-approved "Exhale zones" in sporting arenas and public parks? And what of evaporation? Greenhouse gas is 95% water vapor. Will the EPA regulate evaporation?

Virtually every move this Democrat-controlled Congress and our new president have made is one of misdirection and magic. All moves have not only seemed to be designed to further damage our country, but have actually proved detrimental. And haste is still the call.

Meanwhile, the Copenhagen meetings move forward in an attempt to corral the last vestiges of liberty worldwide even as the poem of Al Gore is hailed as splendor and truth by Vanity Fair. And we all await our shackles. Is this what we have labored so hard to achieve?

If any of you have had doubts about the reality of a one world government, you should rethink your position. It's not that hard to fathom and even worse, it is not that far away. For those who anxiously await its arrival, may God have mercy on your souls.

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Edisto Joe said...

It's bad enough that we have to fight tooth and nail to try and contain the global warming alarmists in our country. Now Obama and company will fast track it with the rest of the world. The agenda on all counts with the administration is socialist, if not down right facist. Redistribution and control is the goal in every aspect of our life.

By the way, in my post today I pointed out a little science in "cosmic interference" those fellows in Copenhagen might want to think about.


Adam said...

The answers to most of your questions can be found in any news report. No one is proposing that people stop breathing, don't worry.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Adam has been properly indoctrinated.

Well said Daniel. Question is will America wake up and see that the emperor has no clothes before it's too late.