Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Hilarious Hubris Of Humanity

California may be considered another world by many who do not live there, but just how far away is it that its governor doesn't receive the memos from Earth? Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday unveiled a dramatic "climate-change" map showing a flooded San Francisco of the future. And it will all be your fault, Ebenezer, unless you submit to the will of Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

It appears that Ahnold is not alone in his insulation from reality, as many disciples of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) have also accelerated the train in spite of the damning revelations from the Climate Research Unit in the U.K. and the manipulation of climate data by a group of scientists there. The Copenhagen meetings are going to go on as planned, and Al Gore, the messiah of man-made disaster, is claiming that even if successful, the meeting won't be enough to save us from ourselves.

Of course, the myth that there is a "consensus" among scientists that man is responsible for global warming wasn't enough to deter them even when 31,478 scientists came forward to question the 2,500 IPCC scientists claims. Alarmists scoffed that many of the 31,478 weren't climate scientists and, therefore, unqualified to comment. The science was still "settled", they said, and the debate was over. Yet the alleged "consensus" was drawn by the 2,500 IPCC scientists that the U.N. admits is comprised of 80% non-climate scientists.

Let's assume the same percentage as the opposition, shall we? That means that the alarmists' "consensus" is the opinion of 500 climate scientists versus 6,296 climate scientists who say they are wrong. It still doesn't matter to them, they plod ahead anyway, and rely on their Grand Poobah to keep the wheels greased, despite the fact that he's not a scientist of any discipline.

Real evidence is also meaningless to the alarmists, for it is clear that we have been in a decade-long cooling trend. "Well, that is only temporary", they say, "it's going to warm again even more rapidly!" I ask, "why?" and they will say it's because of the CO2 we're pumping into the atmosphere and we must stop it, at once! Here's where it gets ridiculous.

So far we have avoided the terrible measures these people plan to foist upon us. What that means is that there has been no reduction in CO2 atmospheric concentration. And yet it is cooling, so how are we to believe the lie that increased CO2 causes warming? Better still is how can they continue to perpetrate that lie? This question has been debated based on past plotting, which clearly shows that there is a lag between warming and rising CO2 levels, but we are currently living it and anyone can see that the theory is dead wrong. Warming is not caused by CO2.

We're also told of the devastating effect that warming has had and will have on the poor polar bears, who have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. How did the polar bears manage to survive the Medieval Warm Period without the aid of Man? How can people still believe in Al Gore when his movie has been punctured so badly, and his picture of the stranded polar bears clinging to an iceberg having been exposed for the fraud that it was?

This video is very long, but it is well worth an hour and a half. Lord Monckton walks us through the myth:

I hope and pray that the Copenhagen meetings turn out to be nothing more than a mini vacation for the attendees. Remember, the thermostat is in God's room, and he insists that you knock before entering.

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