Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Twas Something Like Christmas

Five years ago I wrote a Christmas poem in rebuttal to the grinches who seem to become more vocal each year. I drag it out each Christmas season, dust it off and post it up again. This year has special meaning in light of the Conservative Renaissance and the awesome spectacle of the Tea Parties, so it is with a sense of pride that I offer it once again.

‘Twas Something Like Christmas
A Poem By Daniel James Wood

‘Twas some months before Christmas and the Christian avowed
Were under attack from the secular crowd
From cities to small towns across the land
The ACLU tried to get Christmas banned
They declared Merry Christmas was not to be said
Happy Holidays was to be used in its stead
At work every person was warned not to say
Anything other than “Happy Holidays”
They went to the schools and removed every song
To praise Jesus Christ was in every way wrong
At town halls Nativities were not permitted
With something generic were they to be fitted
The landscape was barren, devoid of all cheer
Until a few brave souls came for’ard without fear
It began rather small, but the movement soon grew
And it wasn’t long before the faithful all knew
That with their strong numbers they couldn’t go wrong
So they decorated like crazy and filled the air with song
When the protesters arrived they were madder than heck
“Take those Christmas lights down, you’re a pain in the neck!”
They huffed and they puffed, even cursed out the Elves
But the Faithful responded, “MERRY CHRISTMAS to all…
Now go screw yourselves!!”

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Edisto Joe said...

I liked this poem so much that I linked to it from my site. If you click my Christmas Card greeting in the side bar, it takes the reader to this poem. It's great, my feelings exactly. Well done!


Woody said...

Hey, Thanks EJ! Glad you liked it.
Some of my liberal adversaries complained of the non-Christian-like ending.
I, of course, responded by telling them to go screw themselves LOL. After all, even a young Priest or two has been known to kick ass when needed.