Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adversaries of Veracity

All photos from www.tomgrossmedia.com Please visit and see them all.

While the world of journalism insists that their readers must know every detail of the Lindsay Lohan trial, they seem to dismiss important and relevant news. Sadly, their liberal stripes peek from beneath the heavy makeup only when they "report news" that can be construed as detrimental to their political foes.

The media climbed all over Israel in the wake of the June flotilla disaster, blaming Israeli commandos for shooting armed ambushers engaged in attacks on them when they tried to board one of the ships. Stories followed stories depicting the flotilla as a desperate attempt by benevolent celebrities and concerned Turkish nationals to get precious necessities to the starving and deprived residents of Gaza. All but ignored were the numerous weapons these crusaders had prepared for their assault on the Israelis.

Prodded by biased world media reports of the alleged humanitarianism of the flotilla, people were righteously outraged. How could the Israelis maintain such a tight blockade on Gaza when the people were suffering as a result? While they grudgingly acknowledged that Israel allowed "some medicines" in, they portrayed the blockade as an injustice on the grandest scale.

Visions of malnourished and sick children were conjured, permeating the consciousness of Liberal enclaves around the world. Pictures of destitution were imagined, all at the hands of the Israelis who were thus pressured to lift their evil blockade and allow the seeds of survival to be distributed to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

For their part, Israel meekly countered that they were merely trying to ensure that Hamas did not receive materials that could be used for the construction of more rockets to be fired into her territory by Hamas. It did not matter, the Turks and those sympathetic Liberals who accompanied them felt the need to run the blockade and help those poor people. Were they purposefully misinformed or part of a deliberate, more nefarious cause?

How many knew of the life of splendor some lead in Gaza? I certainly didn't. I certainly considered that the region was a miserable place to exist, but still faulted Hamas for those conditions. I had no idea that this was even possible. Below is a picture of a new shopping mall that opened in Gaza on July 17th, a mere three days ago.

The photo at the beginning of this article is part of the Tom Gross site and is accompanied by an interesting caption:

Above: A Palestinian newspaper photo (May 18, 2010) shows Gazan children in the newly built Olympic-sized swimming pool which opened earlier in May 2010, despite continuing claims by some Western journalists and NGOs that there are no building materials and a severe shortage of water in Gaza.

And then there are the claims that Israel is choking off the food supply of the "victims" in Gaza. For this reason, Iran's Revolutionary Guard was preparing their own blockade-running mission. Despite the prospect of what such an attempt would have sparked, i.e., all out war within the region, Western journalists and Liberal observers hoped for just that. Feeding those people was just that important. Well, some more pictures from within Gaza:

How about the kids?

I am astounded that - even with the proliferation of the blogosphere in this modern age - this has not been more widely known. As I indicated, I also thought that the Gaza Strip was a desolate, cheerless environment. There are places right here in the United States that look less desirable as a habitat than Gaza.

And yet, Diane Sawyer or 60 Minutes have no interest in this. One must question why.

Lastly, I will leave you with this video titled "Daily Life in Gaza". Be prepared, it is quite a shock. Those with heart valve issues should strongly consider whether to watch:

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Edisto Joe said...

I learned something today, thanks.
As one who has always supported Isreal and their right to defend themselves, (even by proactive measures), I have always looked upon Western reporting in the region as biased. Never did I dream that such luxury existed in such a poverty strickened, plague ridden, war torn area. It is supposed to be in ruins by over agressive Jewish retaliation.

This seems to be the way of media reporting today. You first must have a preconcieved notion on a topic, then report to suit your agenda. Bill O'Riley on Fox has been speaking on this the last couple of nights. The failure of MSM to report on stories that show the present administration in a bad light.

Thanks for the great post and info.
The pictures on the web site you linked say it all. I hope many others will view.

Woody said...

I learned of this on Friday, EJ. It took me this long to find the words.

I'm actually shocked that ABC or MessNBC did do a piece on this to show how good Hamas was for the Gazans.