Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Silently Into the Dark Night

Thank God for the Tea Party movement, for without it, there would be no hope to which to cling. As I watch my fellow citizens blithely ignore the treachery slowly creeping in on them - and witness the complicit silence of the media - I ache with a sadness almost too great to bear.

For as much as the word "sheep" is used as a pejorative, it is the most apt in its description of our people today. There is an old narrative describing how to trap wild hogs that - while not related to sheep - aptly depicts the cage being built around us now.

A farmer noticed a wild hog in the woods and decided to trap it. He set out some food every day for a week, and each day the hog came to eat. The next week, the farmer built a single section of fence, and set the food a short distance from it. The hog returned to eat, unconcerned by the new structure as it seemed to pose no threat.

The second week, the farmer erected the second section of fence, and the hog returned each day undeterred by the addition. The food was still plentiful and there were no restrictions on the hog's movements. He could still leave when sated and return when hungry again. And so it went until the last section of fence was ready to be placed.

Still oblivious to the peril of the free and abundant food supply, the hog approached his last meal as a wild animal. Once he indulged in his grateful consumption, the farmer placed the final section that would forever erase the freedom of the hog, and facilitate his ultimate demise.

Call us what you will, be it sheep or hog. We are mindlessly marching toward our doom, completely unaware of the hazards fluttering around us like so many fireflies on a Summer evening, or that a trap is being constructed on the perimeter of our jovial picnic site. For most of our countrymen, we are experiencing a brief lull in the bounties to which we've become numbly accustomed, and a free meal is no cause for alarm.

The problem is, it's so much more than a free meal that Obama offers, but more a sampling of a Utopia he can never deliver without a heavy cost. It is akin to the drug pusher who gives his targets free drugs until they're hooked, and then setting a high price to satisfy the addiction. Those victims then have little hope at satiation short of stealing to maintain the supply or receiving an intervention that saves them from the deadly tug of addiction altogether.

The question then becomes: can the Tea Party Movement maintain not only the numerical ranks, but the support necessary to successfully implement an intervention on such a grand scale? Taking a random, single family, torn by such a scenario, as a microcosm of our present government structure, the prospects seem bleak. Usually, both parents need to be on board with the procedure to ensure its success.

With the mother represented by the Democrats, it would be easy to assume that they would have reservations about such drastic measures. The father, or the Republicans, would naturally be all for restoring the child to his former, reasonable self. Immediately, we see a conflict which could quite possibly derail the entire process.

Ultimately, it may come down to a direct conflict between the pusher and the intervener, while mom and dad are relegated to the sidelines. Republicans and Democrats in Congress haven't been all that different for years anyway, save for the approaches each decide upon to rule the masses. If the Counselor can smite the pusher, we have a prayer at salvation.

The problematic kid also needs to express a desire to be saved. Otherwise, all is lost.

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Edisto Joe said...

Sheep or hog? Right now I believe we are more in the stages of hog and Obama is the farmer "slopping" the hogs with daily doses of entitlements. Once sufficiently fed and caged, then we can be led around as sheep.

The Tea Party represents those of us who refuse to be used as part of Obama's "Animal Farm". The liberal left has every intention of destroying long held traditions in American individualism, ingenuity, self reliance and pride. Those are just a few of the characteristics that have provided the food the hogs need to run free.

Excellent post!

Woody said...

Thanks, EJ.

I like how you tied it all up with a nice bow. "Animal Farm"! Good stuff there, my friend.