Friday, July 2, 2010

Hollow Promises and Irony

Perhaps worse than the outright lies we've been told by the Democrats since they regained control of Congress in 2006 - and accelerated under the completion of the triad with the election of Obama - is the way these cretins shamelessly co-opt positions they once derided to further their heinous agenda. And they do it with virtually no cognizance that the people know they are lying. They truly believe that they are fooling us, and for good reason.

The media, which now resembles that of countries like Venezuela, has crawled under the sheets of the Democrats like prostitutes do in cheap motels. The only difference is that prostitutes - many of them, anyway - hate their bed-mates, while the media does what they do out of love. An institution that was born to remain impartial has finally seen their ultimate goals come to fruition, and they are ecstatic. So much so that they blatantly disregard glaring hypocrisies like the one I am about to relate.

Still insisting to this day that the Ronald Reagan economic policies were a failure, Democrats ridicule the theory of "trickle-down economics". Just yesterday, however, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that the policy was perhaps the best job creator one could mention. The critical caveat is that - while she will still giggle uncontrollably if told that Reagan was right - her philosophy is that it's good only if Government controls the rate of the trickle.

When Reagan dropped the tax rates it is indisputable that he increased the revenue stream to federal coffers despite taking less from each individual. It’s the simple principle that the more money people keep, the more they have to stimulate the economy. What the Democrats hated was the notion that more money in the hands of the wealthy created jobs which benefited everyone, with the exception of the politicians. It took control away from the bureaucrats and placed it with the proper owners; the people.

Pelosi now says that unemployment benefits give people who do not work money which they then spend, which causes economic growth. The problem is, it produces nothing. The recipients merely recycle the cash they receive for not producing. See her idiotic comments - reminiscent of the "we have to pass the [health care] bill to find out what's in it" - below:

The current trend is also towards a nation where fewer people in the private sector have meaningful jobs manufacturing consumable goods and generating income as opposed to more public sector jobs whose workers rely on tax receipts for payroll. But if they are not creating capital or profits, they do not contribute to the economic growth, they merely recycle it.

What happens when the producers are outnumbered by the recyclers? Or when the producers become recyclers themselves through extended unemployment benefits? And when the few productive jobs left are commandeered by the SEIU and the AFL-CIO, and more people get laid off due to increased wages for the few lucky ones with "seniority", we will have more people seeking benefits from Uncle Sam.

Am I one of the few people in this country who sees what is being done here? Are bloggers the last vestige of truth in America? If that is true, the Obama "kill switch" for the Internet will be the end.

People it is imperative to get the incumbents responsible for this travesty out of office this fall before we have no voice left. For anyone who screamed about the alleged civil liberties intrusions of the Bush Administration, I implore you to wake up before it's too late, and no one hears your screams tomorrow.

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