Monday, July 26, 2010

Minority Rule and the Domestic Blitzkrieg

Sometimes the Yiddish word "chutzpah" falls far from adequacy in describing the collective attitude of our elected "leaders". While the Democrats have been in control of Congress for the past four years, their approval rating among the people - those they serve, remember? - has continued to plummet, reaching perhaps the lowest levels attainable solely due to sympathy by a handful of citizens who deliberately resist piling on and thus buck the trend.

Now, since the election of Barack Obama and the resulting fast-track toward the agenda this triad has embraced, the minute percentage of the population of the United States that actually steers our vehicle has virtually locked the doors and accelerated to a place we clearly indicated we did not want to go.

As we the people struggle to gain control of the console and right the course, Congress slaps us back into the back seat and swerves all over the road to keep us off balance. And they have a rotating cast of co-pilots to aid toward that end.

Currently it is Al Franken, who warns the few remaining listeners that if we ever gain the front seat, we will crash the car. Ironically, it is either blind luck that we haven't already slammed into a brick wall, or the prospect that Obama has not yet attained full speed, meaning little more than we haven't yet reached the wall.

Truth be told, however, we are effectively captives in a car-jacked vehicle careening out of control. The Left may have a majority in Congress, but a majority only in a very small percentage of our population. Think of it as being a family of four at the mercy of one thug who stole the car with us in it. 535 people hold the fate of 330 million, and that small band is thumbing their noses at the rest of us daily. The only reason, by the way, is because they have the figurative guns, an irony I find irresistible.

Even more ironic is that Franken recently spoke in Nevada to a group of Liberal bloggers, The Netroots Nation, where he said:

“If Republicans take back Congress they’ll implement a truly dangerous agenda.”
Apparently the majority party in Congress only fears Conservative bloggers, which would explain their desire to shut down the Internet on the whims of the President. Funny how they shrieked about liberty when a Republican was president. What is not funny is that people in Congress consider a return to the fundamental principles of our nation - the very principles that propelled us to excellence - constitute a "dangerous agenda".

When politicians cavalierly express a fear of the preservation of our Constitution and the means by which we originally achieved greatness, ordinary people should be alarmed, and they are. Sadly, such patriots are now cast as heretics, the enemies of the State, and it is the Ruling Class pointing the finger of damnation.

There is a small window of opportunity - one that is rapidly closing as we race toward it - to redefine the meaning of being a free American at the ballot box, and those who seek to facilitate the ultimate demise of America as we know it are well aware of that race.

I know many of you who were disenchanted with the Bush/Cheney Era contributed to the Congressional coup in 2006 and the final culmination of the Triad in 2008, but I also know that many of those have already come to regret that impulse purchase. Please don't allow that bad taste to keep you from the store to make the exchange. For now, America still accepts returns without a receipt.

Be mindful, however, of that brief window. Do not allow America to mimic a candle in the wind.

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Edisto Joe said...

The window of opportunity for Americans is before them. On that you are correct and lets hope we can change the course of the vehicle being driven by going to the polls this November. We the people have that power. This is so much more than who has the majority and the right to hold the keys. As you say it's about the direction we are headed and who we want driving.