Friday, September 20, 2013

535: Not a Movie

Odds of Beating Senate Democrats?
It Can Be Done. 
So the fate of America comes down to a vote in the U.S. Senate on whether we -- the people -- mean anything at all to the 535 members of Congress or the one at the top, Barack Hussein Obama.

We have been vocal, long before this September when our alleged representatives will decide our fate, when we fought in Town Hall meetings in 2009 in an attempt to stop the monstrosity that is Obamacare before it had a chance to metastasize. And the people we elected in the aftermath have heard us and been faithful to us. We are no longer alone out here, fellow citizens, left to scream at the walls of Congress; we are inside now.

The Democrats have already telegraphed their finishing blow, but is there any defense we can muster? Perhaps, but now is not the time for queasy stomachs and wobbly knees. We are at the threshold of disaster, and we must make a stand now, or forever bow to the terror.

That's right, I said "terror". Hey, if Democrats can call us -- our preferred TEA Party representatives and even we the people -- fringe radicals, I can sling dirt with the best of them. The Democrats are using terrorist tactics in order to inflict pain on their own people. We have a chance to stop them, and time is running out.

Today, the House of Representatives passed a bill to fund all of the government's responsibilities (some of which are dubious, but that is for another debate) except Obamacare, which we hate in growing numbers and have been clear about, even in the mainstream media, who have been unable to ignore it. The Senate Democrats, led by Harry Reid, have vowed to strip the bill of the Obamacare non-funding portion and send it back to the House. Even if they don't do that and miraculously pass the bill, Obama has promised to veto it. We're screwed, right?
Lost Cause RINOS

Not so fast, pilgrim. We do have allies in the Senate too, you know. And there are Conservative Democrats and vulnerable Democrats too, which might offset the RINOS who also work there. All they must do is effectively communicate to the people exactly which party is responsible for the inevitable government shutdown; Democrats. It sounds like childish games, fretting over blame, but it is most assuredly not.

Make no mistake, the weekend political shows will be replete with much demagoguery, and I urge anyone who cares as deeply as I do to tune in. The Democrats will unashamedly try to pin a shutdown on Republicans, just as Harry Reid has already begun to do:

“Republicans are simply postponing for a few days the inevitable choice they must face: pass a clean bill to fund the government, or force a shutdown. I have said it before but it seems to bear repeating: The Senate will not pass any bill that defunds or delays Obamacare.”

I hope Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have already been booked on these shows to counter the bogus charges of Democrats. They must tell the people that Republicans have passed a bill that will not shut down the government, but that Obama and the Democrats feel that the bill we all love to hate is more important to them than keeping the government running. Rep. Steve King of Utah eloquently stated that a rejection of the House bill will be tantamount to a "tantrum" thrown by either Reid or Obama. This is the message that must be hammered home.

This is nothing even remotely resembling a "childish fight". This is all about the future of America and our continued freedoms, and we must -- as the people -- show our unwavering support for the courageous politicians who are finally fighting on our behalf. We asked for this and to abandon it now, when we're so close, would be a tragedy.

UPDATE: The title of this essay has been changed to reflect the number of U.S. government Senators and Representatives. At the time of it's creation, I was so upset that my math was just a bit off!

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