Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stand with Sam-I-Am

Might be time for a third party.
Today was a very interesting day, which began yesterday afternoon and concluding today with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid interrupting the conclusion of Senator Ted Cruz's valiant effort to stand for the people who elected him. Cruz, the freshman and junior senator from Texas, was not to be bullied, however.

Since this was not considered a true filibuster, Cruz had an agreement with Dirty Harry that his speech would end at around noon. Cruz is a man of his word. (Remember when that meant something to Americans?) But the Democrats, and some Republicans, grew weary near the end -- although Cruz showed little signs of fatigue -- and Reid interrupted Cruz to begin a normal (HA!) day of business in the chamber, after which Cruz would be granted another hour to speak. Cruz listened to the Majority Leader, and then declared that he would not tolerate having his remaining time curtailed.

Reid then asked asked if Cruz would yield 15 minutes to a senior colleague, John McCain, and Cruz politely declined.

When his time was finally up, and Cruz yielded per his word, Reid took the floor and excoriated Cruz for wasting the nation's time. (How many of you feel this was a waste of time?) Then New York Democrat Chuck Schumer got to speak, but was only too happy to yield his time to John McCain, who proceeded to rip into Ted Cruz.

McCain -- seemingly gleeful -- took his opening shots at Cruz, reminding him that Obama won reelection in 2012. McCain said -- and I paraphrase -- that Obama won reelection and that in democracies, the majority wins. I won't bother delving into the alleged shenanigans of the 2012 general election, but I will remind the "good gentleman from Arizona" that we don't live in a democracy, and that our Founders were particular in protecting future generations from mob rule.

Did they care what we thought in 2010?
I would also challenge McCain on his assertion that majority rules, when the majority of the people never wanted the subject of the entire days events when Democrats rammed through the legislation in 2010. After a summer of Town Halls listening to angry constituents, and without one single Republican vote, the Democrats passed this train wreck of a bill using every trick they could muster.

As Herman Cain affectionately refers to them, Ted Cruz and his band of "whippersnappers" took on this fight -- against the establishment politicians -- because they knew that we were with them. Cruz spent part of the night last night reading Dr. Suess, among other things, to his young daughters. He read Green Eggs and Ham, which is an interesting choice, since Cruz was trying to convince his fellow yet recalcitrant colleagues to try something they did not like.

But after all the machinations of the day, what no one addressed, particularly the media, is the fact that the law the opposition -- both Democrat and Republican -- managed to "save" today is not even the same law that Democrats passed in 2010.

Obama has engaged in an unconstitutional rewrite of the legislation passed three years ago. Cruz had every right to try to stop this madness, and creeps like McCain and McConnell should have stood with him, rather than denigrate him publicly.

If the American people ever needed something to convince them that our nation is a sham, and that we don't actually live in the America we all grew up to believe in, today was a classic demonstration of that notion, the actions of the heroic Ted Cruz notwithstanding. I applaud Ted Cruz and all who stood with him, especially Mike Lee. The rest I detest, and hope they all face primaries the next time they come up for reelection.

It's time we either had a third party, or that our people educate themselves and stop voting blindly for the incumbent. Take America back.

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