Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Making the Case for Growing a Spine

Time for True Conservatives
To John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and others of your ilk -- the obsequious and fearful Congress critters passing themselves off as conservatives -- I might beseech you all to consider retiring after your current terms expire. Running for reelection will not be a viable option, so long as as the rest of us fix the primary voting scam. It's time for all RINO's to go, we have had enough.

House Speaker John Boehner barely escapes this net I have cast, if only by virtue of the bill he has presented today, one that finally addresses the wishes of the people regarding ObamaCare. (Imagine that, a "Representative" listening to the wishes of constituents)!

To the likes of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Rand Paul of Kentucky and Mike Lee of Utah, I can offer a huge round of applause and a hardy "well done" gentlemen! You were elected through the efforts of the TEA Party and you have not abandoned your pledges to abide by them, working tirelessly to pursue an end to the abomination that is ObamaCare. Getting the Speaker of the House and Eric Cantor -- who only last week offered up a farce of a bill -- to come aboard in this fight is positive news indeed.

For those who may be unaware, last week Eric Cantor introduced a bill -- which was rightly shot down through old fashioned ridicule -- to both reject Obamacare and then fund it at the same time. Word on the street is that the ridicule reached your Representative's ears and facilitated this about face. Shutting down this monstrosity of a law before it gains traction is a positive start, but one that may embolden our elected leaders going into 2014. And the crucial element of this development is that Republicans may be getting some backbone.

John McCain and Lindsay Graham, among others in their particular caucus, have recently been publicly fretting over the possibility of a government shutdown, and where the fingers of blame would subsequently point. They must know that the fight of Ted Cruz, et al, is the right thing to do, but they have been baldly considering their careers above the people and our wishes. With 57% of the people currently rejecting ObamaCare, any other explanation of McCain and his cohort's behavior would be disingenuous, at best, and an outright lie on any other day. They don't care about what's right for the country, only about what will keep them in office.

The coalition of Cruz, Paul, Lee and yes, even Marco Rubio, have decided that it is time to take a stand on behalf of the people they represent and let the cards fall where they may. Whatever the Progressives may want to call it, it is nothing more than standing on principle and letting political expediency handle itself. And it is up to us to make our feelings known to support these men.

The conservatives have announced a plan that will fund all of the government -- military, infrastructure, Social Security, the FAA, everything we have come to expect of our country, while defunding ObamaCare. While it stands little chance of passing in the Democratically-controlled Senate, it must be sent up anyway. Then the conservative wing of the GOP must control the message when the Democrats try to accuse them of "shutting down the government".

They must make the Democrats explain to the American people that the government has been shut down because the Democrats refused make a choice between all the aforementioned government services and a law that we all hate anyway; Obamacare.

Then, when the Democrats begin their inevitable campaign of demonizing Republicans for trying to alter a "duly passed law", the Republicans must point out that that dubious law was passed with not a single vote from Republicans in the midst of a summer of fierce Town Hall meetings, when the people were furious over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. And if that is not enough to win over the minds and hearts of the American people, the Republicans must then point out that Obama has made 19 different alterations to the law without Congressional oversight -- thereby unconstitutional --, thus nullifying the validity of the law as it now stands.

In other words, ObamaCare is not the same law that the Democrats passed in 2009, on their own and over the objections of the people they pretend to serve. The law today, as is, is invalid. If Democrats want to stage a public fight for all Americans to see on that stage, I say let 'em!

We have made a difference, folks. We have sent our people to Congress, and they have been doing our bidding. Do we tremble now and leave them to twist in the savage winds of the voices of Congressional leaders, or do we stand by them after we sent them into battle on our behalf? What does your conscience tell you to do?

We've got two weeks before the fiscal year ends, and decisions have to be made. Let's support our Conservative representatives and tell them to proceed, full speed ahead.

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