Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obama's Rubber Stamp Congress

Harry Reid should fight
alongside Republicans
We've got two more days before Democrats shut down our government, and yet they are still fighting over a law that no longer resembles the one they passed in 2010. Despite the overwhelming public opposition to the Affordable Care Act -- a misnomer if ever there was one -- Democrats refuse to let it die, or even become injured. How out of touch can they possibly be?

Our Founders were very clear in their rules laid out in the Constitution regarding how our new government would work. The Founders were painfully careful to divide powers among the three branches, precisely to prevent a future monarchy, or dictatorship. They gave the Executive branch a very short leash for these very reasons.

Now, I'm fully aware of how many times this has been said, and I realize that my readers are most likely yawning at this "new revelation", but I write this today in the hopes that some who are not regular readers here will learn something.

In 2009, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was making it's way through Congress, and even then, the opposition was fierce. Town Hall meetings with members on recess and back home in their districts were bombarded with angry constituents' demands to stop the bill before it got too far. Many Democrat members actually insulted the people they purported to serve. (Google Pete Stark  for one example).

For those who may not have been paying attention back then, Democrats eventually passed the bill unilaterally and unanimously, using bribery (see Corn Husker Kickback) and coercion. That much is clearly known. It was something, like a bad call in a sporting event that stands after replay, that became the law of the land. Fine. But since that day, something clearly unconstitutional has happened: the President, or Chief Executive of America, has altered the law of his own volition and without the consent of Congress, or in the broader context, the people. The ACA is no longer the law passed by "the people". This, the Founders clearly considered when crafting our ruling documents. It is dictatorial, and cannot stand.

For this reason, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should be standing shoulder to shoulder with Senator Ted Cruz in opposing the dictatorial President in this matter. Instead, Harry Reid prefers to think his own constituents stupid, and will blindly offer his rubber stamp for the "new King".

Folks, this great nation was founded by the defeat of one king, and the brave men who accomplished that miraculous feat made clear that we would never again have another. In the 237 years since then, we have been through some rough times, but lately we have become complacent, and have allowed the slow creep of totalitarianism to take hold.

I caution you all, once it hardens, it will be like trying to get dried bird poop off your car's finish. And you can't just go buy a new car to fix it.

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