Thursday, October 17, 2013

He's No Jimmy Carter; He's Worse, and More Dangerous

No amount of warning was sufficient.
In 1979 I was a young man, and even then, I thought I had lived through the worst president I could imagine. Who could possibly be worse than Jimmy Carter, I wondered. And then 2008 rolled around before I even saw it coming.

Despite my repeated warnings -- not to mention those of far more influential figures than me -- this man with virtually no experience, save for a scant few years of service in national politics, rose to achieve not only the Democratic nomination for president, but was actually elected. If any who voted for him would even bother to listen, I would ask how that is working out.

It's been five years with this man as president, and we have seen ample evidence of both his naivete and sinister sides, at least for those of us who may still be awake. So many of our fellow countrymen have been so bamboozled by this charlatan that the hopes of our own insomnia may be moot, but I will attempt -- once again -- to elucidate those who fail to see the truth.

Going in, I understand that many of the starry-eyed have been deprived of history by our State-run school systems and, therefore, bear little culpability in their ignorance. But I hope they listen to a bit of reason before they are completely lobotomized by the continuing "education" offered by the main stream media.

For starters, Barack Hussein Obama became president on the slimmest of resumes possible. That much should give even the brain dead pause. Think about that; do some research and find another President of the United States in the history of America with less experience, and then think of who makes the decisions today on our behalf, both domestically and globally.

Right out of the box in 2009, Obama rushed over to Egypt to apologize to Muslims for America's poor behavior in the past, vowing to build a new relationship with them. Our newly elected President actually told a foreign audience that we Americans have been arrogant, a radical departure from previous presidents. And for all the talk by Democrats of the alleged damage done in the Middle East by George W. Bush, there is virtual silence today from Democrats and the media (pardon my redundancy) over the actual damage done by Obama.

Libya is a mess, courtesy of Obama's meddling. Syria is in flames, thanks to Obama's incitements, and Iran is on the verge of having nuclear weapons and annihilating Israel once and for all, all because Obama is seen across the Middle East as weak.

Obama also doubled down on the horrendous last act of George W. Bush, the stimulus program. Since then, he has been ripping through America's bank account like Grant took Richmond. In the five years that Obama has been president, the Senate has not passed one budget, relying instead on a series of continuing resolutions, keeping the spending alive and keeping America on a perpetual state of nervousness as the "fiscal cliff" is always within arms reach.

The mainstream media has abandoned journalistic integrity to the point of complicity in a series of lies and scandals. Fast and Furious, Benghazi, potential voter fraud in 2012, the IRS scandal, NSA spying, all of these have been pooh-poohed by the one organization that is supposed to be the peoples' watchdog, the press. The federal government is stockpiling weapons and ammunition at an alarming rate, and for agencies like NASA and the Social Security Administration who should have no reasonable need to be heavily armed. And the media is completely incurious, even to the point of hostility to those who demand answers.

And the latest adventure, the government shutdown, showed the country what a petty tyrant we have as our president, yet many people remain unconvinced. Last year, the Occupy Whatever movement was hailed by the Left as a noble uprising of the people, and our government moved to protect their rights whenever possible. During the shutdown, however, the boy king, in a fit of foot-stomping rage, rushed to erect barricades to keep World War II veterans away from a memorial that many of them had come to see for possibly the last time in their lives. The National Park Service (NPS) had police in riot gear confront the visitors, perhaps trying to invoke a violent response.

And in the middle of the turmoil, the NPS -- along with Nancy Pelosi and some other congress critters -- had a welcoming committee in one of the closed parks for an illegal alien protest.

As the debt ceiling deadline drew closer, Obama was warning that Social Security benefits, military pay, and school budgets could be jeopardized, but never mentioned anything about possibly ceasing aid to foreign countries or stalling the food stamp program. No, your benefits that you earned would suffer, but if you're getting it for free, no worries. Obama knows who votes for him.

Folks, we are being figuratively beaten down slowly and surely until the King decides that we are ready for full surrender, of that I no longer have any doubt. I will not be surprised in 2017 if Obama must be forcibly removed from the White House.

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Lori Anne said...

Right on again. Very well written.