Monday, December 30, 2013

Give Me a Candidate Who Plays to the Majority

I know who he is, do you?
At the risk of being viewed as an absolutist, I am going to go out on a limb to state that every poll ever conducted still has the United States of America comprised of more Conservative patriots than Progressives, Liberals, or Socialists. Some say that the gap is still 2-1, and I will accept that, despite our electoral beatings of late.

The reason, I maintain, for those losses by Conservatives is our tepid support for people who speak our language and voice our concerns. Not only are a majority of our candidates terrified of articulating our views, but we, the electorate allow the media to trash our candidates or outright pick them for us. This practice has to end, and end this year.

I want a candidate who will stand tall and declare that the welfare state is over, and not back down when the Left shrieks that he will "kill the poor". I want a candidate who will stand even taller, and tell the people -- all the people listening -- how he will help them despite the obvious growing pains involved in that aid. In other words, I want a candidate unafraid to speak truth that hurts, truth that frightens and truth that is what it's billed as; the truth.

I want a candidate who will remind those poor souls -- who will soon find out for themselves -- that Obamacare is not free, and who will work tirelessly to repeal that monstrosity once and for all. And this candidate should state most emphatically that every ghetto in America is owned by Liberal Democrats, who have never solved a single problem that they have campaigned on, and have only enriched themselves at the expense of the poor for whom they profess to care.

I want a candidate who will finally expose the Ponzi scheme that is Global Warming, and get our country on a true path to energy independence. The evidence is on our side, and educating the masses should prove to be child's play.

I want a candidate that will tell the American people that in the real world, you don't graduate High School and get a job paying fifteen dollars per hour, but will have to work your way up to that and beyond through hard work and determination. I want a candidate who will tell people that there are no gold stars or trophies for mediocrity, and that respect is earned, not guaranteed. And speaking of entitlements, those are also earned, like Social Security and unemployment benefits. And he should tell us that the free ride is over, and stand by it.

Of course, it is incumbent on the rest of us to support and stand by this candidate, for he will surely face a firestorm of outrage by the Leftists and the media, an obvious redundancy. But how will they react when we rise up in solidarity and keep the poll numbers for such a candidate high? What if we all stay strong and -- even if the polling becomes skewed -- respond by showing up at the ballot box on election day and win? Will the media finally have to concede that the mandate is a Conservative one?

Highly doubtful, but what difference, at that point, would it make if our guy wins? We can do this, people, if we stay strong and get out to the polls. We need another Ronald Reagan or we are finished.

So let me ask you this question. If we had a candidate who boldly declared war on the Socialist model we are now seeing, would it gin you up? Would it excite you enough to get out and bang heads with the Left? Remember, two heads are better than one, and with a 2-1 margin in our favor, it should be long as we don't let complacency take hold again.

First, give us that candidate, then it's up to us to take the baton from there. It starts with taking back Congress next year, and then we build upon that for 2016.

Happy New Year to all, and let's make sure it is!

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