Saturday, August 30, 2008

Memo To Ray Nagin

Ahem...Ray? Eli may not be coming, but Gustav certainly may be. Just how good is your memory, Ray? Do you remember high-tailing it out of your "chocolate city" for high ground when Katrina was about to hit? Do you remember how much advanced notice was given to evacuate your people? Here's a news flash, Ray: no greyhound buses are rolling your way. Get the big yellow things on wheels gassed up and ready to roll now.

Gustav is heading your way, in case you've been too busy licking your wounds from 2005 to have noticed. The good news is that Kathleen Blanco is no longer your governor. While Blanco is free now to help people iron clothes, or whatever it is she was crying about in 2005, you have a very capable and intelligent governor in Bobby Jindal who will not hesitate to ask the federal government for help. But you've got to start mobilizing right now, Ray. Don't wait until the last minute again and then blame everyone but yourself for a would-be disaster.

The last thing America needs to see again is this.

So Ray? According to the current models, you have roughly until Tuesday to start making preparations. Don't be ashamed to ask Jindal for help, because he will certainly have no qualms in asking Bush for help. Just take this opportunity to do the right thing and save your citizens from another Katrina. You don't get too many chances to atone for past mistakes. Use this one wisely.


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