Friday, August 15, 2008

A Pat On My Own Back

I'm leaving the original time-stamp on this piece for an obvious reason. In case it doesn't become clear as you read, there will be a brief summary at the end. Suffice it to say, I am rather proud of myself.
Silence, Infidel!
Tuesday, January 16th, 2007
This was an interesting piece, considering the left’s alleged love of freedom of speech and open dialogue. Now Nance Greggs wants us (the right) to shut the f— up. I have always relished the fact that we are the right, while the left is the opposite of such. Semantics…ya gotta love ‘em.

So Nance (why can’t she just be “Nancy”?) thinks that a narrow electoral victory equals supremacy. Hmm, how positively fascist of her. And here I thought it was we who were the “brown shirts”. Funny how the left can manage to eat its own words with virtually no modicum of humility or shame. Perhaps it’s those MIB flashy things again. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that Nance is ill prepared to be part of the majority party, especially if criticism makes her queasy. There will be plenty of that to maintain a financially beneficial partnership between her and Rolaids for the next two years, but only for Rolaids. Ms. Greggs will be begging for a tax cut at the end of that time.

More important than the criticism will be the exposure. We’re already seeing it in the “first 100 hours”.
San Fran Nan’s oopsie-daisy regarding Samoa and Del Monte (the people want and deserve a living wage!)
Her insistance on elevating ethically challenged persons such as Murtha and Jefferson (after her pledge of “ethic cleansing”)
The party’s sudden backtrack on their own demands for more troops only weeks and months before W’s speech.
Just to name a few. I just know they will unwittingly deliver more gems.

Yes friends, the tragic loss we felt on election day ‘06 is shaping up to be the gift that keeps on giving right on through election day, ‘08. I suppose we could actually take Ms. Greggs’s advice and STFU, merely stepping aside as the dems plow headlong into the wall. I prefer to make that sidestep and deliver a kick in the ass as they go by, providing some acceleration. My only fear is inadvertently knocking some sense into them…nah.

We will actually be aided for once by the MSM (a prediction), not because of a shift in their allegiance but rather a realization that they are being left behind by radio and cable news. They will have no choice but to step up and acknowledge that their heroes are dunces because to leftist journalists, the pocketbook is mightier than the pen. It may be painful, but rest assured, they will follow the money even if they weep as they do it. This phase will be the last noticeable side effect of the Dems’ power intoxication, but I believe it will come in plenty of time for the general election.
I say “three cheers” for the Dems’ good fortune in November. It will ultimately be our own.

Greggs should prove to be a useful idiot. Almost as loveable as semantics.
- Woody

I wonder how the bimbo feels now about single-digit approval ratings for her beloved Democrat-controlled Congress? Think she might be the slightest bit contrite? Hell no, she's still blaming Republicans! This drivel was written only two days ago.

Ah well, we still have 81 days left to watch her slam her head into the wall. It should be fun.


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