Monday, August 18, 2008

Rating Obama

Watching Barack Obama speaking with Pastor Rick Warren was educational, to say the least. One thing I must mention first off; my neck still hurts from trying to look at Obie straight. The whole time he was being interviewed his head was tilted to the right and he looked at times like he was going to fall off his chair. I can just envision some foreign leader having a conversation with President Obama reaching out to smack him upside the head.

I was amazed, also, to discover his clairvoyance. He claimed that he knew there was no clear evidence of WMD in Iraq. That's pretty amazing, considering that his colleagues were all busy telling America that Saddam was a threat with his weapons of mass destruction. Yet Obie knew - what a great leader he'll make if he can continue to gaze into the future.

It is well known that Obama is staunchly "pro-choice", but when asked about the issue of abortion he claimed that the answer was "above my pay grade". Consider the pay that the President of the United States receives and it stands to reason that the position of leader of the free world is under-compensated, and Obama may have trouble dealing with the rigors of the job if pay grade comes into question. I must admit that I am just a little more than uncomfortable with the notion that my president at some point may throw his hands up and say, "Oh hell, man, they ain't paying me enough for this!".

Throughout the interview, Obama stumbled, hemmed and hawed and it was almost painful to watch. When asked about evil, for example, he was unsure of himself, to be kind. The same for his disjointed response to the issue of stem cell research - he clearly hadn't given much thought to the issue before being questioned on it. And believe it or not, I knew before he even said it (yeah, I'm clairvoyant, too), that Clarence Thomas was going to be his pick for the Justice he would have been least likely to nominate. It was a solid bit of pandering to the crowd who thinks that he might be a racist. Not only did he question Thomas's qualifications, but he slammed him on intellect. Rush Limbaugh would have been excoriated for saying such things.

I got the impression from the faith-based question and Obie's response to it that he believes that if an organization receives federal funds, despite using the money for a worthy cause, they must adhere to equal opportunity standards. I really can't pinpoint when discrimination became a dirty word, but it should be obvious to the most foolish that a church should not be forced to hire people diametrically opposed to their beliefs. I can't fathom BET, for instance, hiring a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

I'll briefly mention that Obama thinks $250,000 per year qualifies as rich. That may be so in some parts of the country, but certainly not in liberal bastions such as New York and California. Side note: notice the correlation between liberal bastions and the cost of living!

Finally, he wants to be president because he believes that he can build bridges and forge alliances and thereby help even the littlest guy. Just once I'd love to hear someone be honest and say that it's the fragrance of power that lures them to the White House.


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Anonymous said...

Head tilt can be a medical sign. See Dr Noah Klein's blog why doesn't he tilt to the left?

Also Free Republic discussed it Freeped here