Saturday, August 16, 2008

Make Us Not Rome

There is a stigma today that didn’t exist for the previous generation, the very tenets of which were so diametrically opposed to our current mores that we need counseling just to sort them out. While our parents and grandparents were no doubt fine folk, they had skeletons, the likes of which we cannot begin to conceive, setting up comfy camps in their closets. Looking back, we can envision our elders, as children, actually sitting down to imaginary teas with the demons we feared, those on which we slammed the closet door shortly before retiring for the night.

While the lighthearted reader may assume that I am about to slam my own kin, I must caution…my dissertation is in praise of them. They knew well their demons and were vastly better prepared to deal with them on an even keel. While our current crop of statesmen claim some superiority in diplomacy, they are young children, unable to cope with the horrors they face. They simply slam the closet door until the sun comes up, a time when irrational fears succumb to the light of day. A time when hope outweighs reality.

Reality states that evil will kill you at a time of its own choosing. Hope indicates that evil will adhere to your rules. We know this not to be true, but we have a slate of presidential hopefuls who insist on slamming the closet door, at least until they are seated in the Oval Office. What they do thereafter is a matter of speculation, but I am one who is ill prepared to wait and see. I had a dad and also am a dad, a dad who convinced my young that the best way to conquer fear was to face it…straight in the eye. My children still believe this but I must wonder…what is their current support structure? How many like them are left?

I know that the allure of the liberal movement is just that; alluring. The idea of doing your own thing, the freedom to be who you want, the exhilaration of throwing off the chains of society. But I maintain that age bestows wisdom, and those chains are, in actuality, ground wires designed to keep us from burning up into ash.

At one point in our lives we were all so-called liberals. How many of us rebelled against our parents, did drugs, acted out, grew our hair long, wore vagabond clothes? And how many of us could now successfully run for public office? The answer is NONE. Why? Not because we have some deep dark secret to hide. It’s because those of us who have had role models willing to face the demons, while smiling, realize that to acknowledge these transgressions would be tantamount to advocating them.

Interestingly, the left holds the same up as a badge of courage. They revel in the sins of their past and expect others not to judge them. In fact, when they are judged, they rebel even further. Is it any wonder that we are sliding into insignificance as a nation and a society? Is it any wonder that those who claim to wish us well have only their own best interests at heart?

Is it any wonder that the left is destroying America? And is anyone really surprised at the lefts' claim that they are responsible for "progress"?

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Anonymous said...

What supprises me most is that some still believe they are still part of a "commune" be it Rebulican or Democrat.