Friday, December 12, 2008

Colin Powell Gulps Koolaid

I'll Take Another, Make It a Double

Colin Powell is back to making statements that seem to contradict his former perceived ideology, that being one from a republican perspective. It has become abundantly clear that Powell could be considered a RINO - Republican In Name Only - especially after he flipped on the president and more recently shunned John McCain. Finding a note of irony in this development is an easy task, however, as he is now being warmly embraced by the left, the very people who viewed Powell as a "right-wing attack dog" not so long ago.

Powell recently did an interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria for Sunday's "GPS" program, and he diagnosed the malady afflicting the GOP. Fortunately, Powell is not a doctor, because his diagnosis is way off the mark. His advice for his former party is to tone down the rhetoric and "stop shouting at the world and at the country". One could only deduce from such a statement that Powell believes that conservatism has been a bullying force that turned off voters.

There are several fallacies in this assessment. The first is the misguided assumption that the left might just warm to conservatism if it is offered up in soothing tones. As has been evidenced lately by liberal protesters, particularly on the west coast, the left is prone to violence. The very people who claim to champion the notion of peace can get pretty nasty when their protestations do not elicit the intended reaction. Therefore, engaging in a pastel attempt at getting them to see the value of conservatism is a futile endeavor.

Furthermore, Powell misfires badly in characterizing the right as shouting at the country. Conservatives or, more accurately, republicans have been too timid in their approach to acheiving their goals. All they have managed to do is further alienate the base. It is this which caused the republicans to lose the executive office and suffer deeper deficits in both houses of congress.

Powell also suggests that we stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. What a glowing endorsement for opponents of free speech. He has effectively emboldened and provided fodder for proponents of the "Fairness Doctrine", lending a perceived credibility to an extremely bad idea.

The remedy to the problems of republicans is to do the exact opposite of Powell's recommendations. We need to stand up and be heard. We need to genuinely shout at the country and let the base know that we are serious when we embrace our ideals. It is the only way to get the base fired up and out the door on election day. We whisper in the shadows in hopes of not offending those in opposition at our own peril, as was demonstrated last November 4th.

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shiningcity said...

Amen! Conservatism works. I'm tired of RINOs sabotaging our party from the inside. Please take a look at this petition aimed at all Congressional Republicans:

It's a firm call for the return of Reagan Conservatism.