Monday, December 15, 2008

United States Mental Health Alert

We hear, ad nauseam, that in order to be loved one must first love oneself. If one is in such a state of depression that self loathing is the emotion du jour, it will be noticeable to others and they will mirror that sentiment. Lord knows we hear it often enough from television "psychologists" such as Drs. Phil and Laura.

So it's little wonder that we are seen as a country loathed by the rest of the world, save for a few close allies. An Iraqi "journalist" hurls his footwear at our president and there are cheers around the Muslim world, faintly echoed by our own media. So eager are the alleged purveyors of information in the United States to lugubriously acknowledge our blemishes that they have actually begun to point them out lest anyone not notice of their own volition.

Someone I consider a close friend - although we've never actually met - recently posed the following question: What happened to optimism? It was actually an article by Cal Thomas on Town Hall that was linked to by this friend, but the question loses no validity as a result. I earnestly wish to know the answer.

Somewhere along the line it became fashionable to defecate in the kitchen. My best estimate on the timeline is mid-1960. The frightening aspect of this revelation is that the trend was no passing fad, but rather a mindset that has only gained momentum. Emboldened leftists will now look you straight in the eye and declare that the more vociferous the denunciation of America, the more patriotic it is.

Barack Obama's election victory was supposed to be the cure for this particular malady but it appears, at least thus far, that the vaccine is still in the making. One might be tempted to attribute this phenomena to the dilution - through mass invasion of illegal immigrants - of the American spirit, but that is sadly not the case. Ironically, we have seen more genuine patriotism from recent Cuban immigrants than from third and fourth generation nationals.

Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned from people who have just fled real oppression. Even more intriguing is the hypocrisy of liberal do-gooders who claim that life would be so much better in, say, Cuba while lacking the temerity to actually move there. If I had the resources that some of our richest celebrities had, I would make damned sure that I lived in the best place on Earth. Oh...they already do.

I would conclude that feel-good conversation has failed, and that Americans need a good, brisk slap in the face. Love America, or feel free to leave. You have that right, after all.

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