Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishing A Most Happy Holiday Season To All

To my fellow Christian readers, let me begin by saying that I normally would have titled this post "Merry Christmas", as that is the holiday I am about to celebrate. The title you see here is designed, in the spirit of Christmas, to be inclusive to all readers and, therefore, is somewhat on the generic side. As a general rule, I do not attempt to placate those who hold different beliefs than do I, and those familiar with my writings can be assured that I have not forsaken my basic principles but am merely making an overture to the international attendees, particularly those from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, et al.

So, for those to whom this custom is alien, I direct your attention to the accompanying photograph. Some may see the image as an illustration of the corruption of America, and from the limited exposure to the propaganda that I have had, I would be inclined to understand such a misperception. The fact is, though, that the image portrays warmth and family love at a special time. To us, there is no better yearly event, one which garners the best spirit of humanity. Would that such good will lasted longer than a week or so.

However unfortunate it may seem, it is the competitive nature of Americans that erodes the very emotion we celebrate at Christmas throughout the rest of the year. As fate would have it, it is that very thing that has allowed our success and prosperity, something we do not take for granted, in the grand scheme of things. Americans are nowhere near as superficial as we may appear to others. Perhaps it is that message I seek to convey with this tome.

This Christmas Season, to us, is a time of hope and well wishes. The most important wish to us, often reflected in greeting cards, is peace. Peace has always been the most desired aspect of Americans' lives despite how hard we have waged war for that very goal. How we have been perceived throughout our brief history has been most unfair, just as radical elements now view our desires as weakness. It is most perplexing to the average American who, wanting nothing more than to be left to his own devices, finds himself in a defensive posture over and over.

To those in Arab countries who have been frequent visitors, I have but one message; peace on Earth, and good will toward man. My wish this season is that those among you who are "moderate" will finally see the light and, while embracing your own religion, begin to speak against the injustices perpetrated by those in your name. Fear can be conquered, fear of retribution can be overcome with help.

We can live together in God's love. What we, as individuals, call God does not matter, so long as we all understand that killing one another accomplishes nothing.

So, with all of that said, I sincerely wish every reader on the web a most Merry Christmas with no ill will intended. If someone is offended by my words of good will, I cannot be remorseful, as they are delivered with nothing but benevolence.


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Anonymous said...

As I have often said, "my Christian wishes are my best and most sincere wishes of love and peace for everyone. Please do not ask me for any lesser wishes of Holiday anything.I think you deserve the best I have to offer."

Merry Christmas to all and peace be unto this world.