Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010: Dems Furious At First Amendment Restoration

Many of us have been salivating over the prospect of restoring America to her former greatness, but we have been focused on the end of this year when we could alter the political composition of our Congress. As always, it was to be done in the civilized manner synonymous with the United States; the peaceful transition of power.

We have been handed gifts we never expected by the institutions upon which we have always relied for the maintenance of the relative paradise in which we reside, and much earlier than we could ever have imagined. Despite the fact that the left in our country has tried mightily to mimic the electoral processes of Third World countries through subterfuge and chicanery, accusations and legal challenges, we have nonetheless managed to navigate such treacherous waters without riots and bloodshed, proving that the bedrock of our system is sound and the principles of our Forefathers able to withstand the strain of radicalist weight through the years.

With the Democrats controlling the executive and legislative branches of our government, they have still failed to snooker an electorate that - after over 230 years - remains vigilant in the preservation of our ideals. And while much of that electorate has been dormant for far too long, Barack Hussein Obama seems to have been the catalyst to their emergence from hibernation.

The attack began long before Obama was a "viable fetus" but back then it was still in the "planning" stages. Obama became the prodigal son of the left by accident of birth and the subsequent cultivation of his mind by a most undesirable element. Just as an attack that fails still succeeds - see the Christmas Day attack - Obama achieved the status of POTUS, with the help of God knows who, and initiated an agenda that came perilously close to succeeding.

It became the clarion call that would give birth to the Tea Party movement, awakening in the people a spirit we haven't witnessed in 30 years - which marked the end of Jimmy Carter's abysmal administration - and arousing in the Right something previously unimaginable. For the first time in recollection, Conservatives were motivated to march in the streets, and while the new State-run media did it's best to minimize the effect, the royalty borne of our benevolence - Congress - received the message loud and clear.

Say what you will about the George W. Bush legacy. I, for one, was a fan at the outset, but found myself defending in vain near the end. Today, we were the beneficiaries of that legacy in the form of the last president's Supreme Court appointments, for the High Court restored the integrity and spirit of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Ruling on the case against the McCain-Feingold bill, which essentially curtailed the free speech rights of American citizens before Election Day, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to overturn major portions of the legislation, paving the way for corporations to compete with liberal bastions like unions and private, socialist billionaires. Predictably, the Democrats were apoplectic at the sudden encroachment on their monopoly and the prospect of competition.

Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, outraged by the decision, said:

“We are moving to an age where we won’t have the senator from Arkansas or the congressman from North Carolina, but the senator from Wal-Mart and the congressman from Bank of America.”
I had never heard of Melanie before researching for this article. That may be simply because Melanie apparently had no objections to the the "President from the SEIU", or the multitude of Democrat "Senators and Congressmen from ACORN".

There is pure irony in the Democrats erroneously claiming that the First Amendment builds a wall of separation between church and state, declaring their unwavering devotion to the constitution in the process, all the while flailing wildly at the very same amendments protections of free speech.

The transparency of their hypocrisy should be evident to all, but it seems that is not the case. Perhaps the freedoms restored by the Supreme Court will spawn a plethora of television ads - sponsored by the Ronco Corp. - accurately depicting it for the most dim amongst us.

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Edisto Joe said...

I always find it amazing that the Democrats cry "foul" when such decisions are handed down. As if the very corporations they are trying to controll or destroy should just sit back at accept it.

Also wonderful comment on my last post!