Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do You Really Think Your Voice Matters?

Think again

Just how far are the Democrats willing to go to "transform America"? It would appear that they now feel impervious to the electorate, able to perform the most politically suicidal acts with impunity. They have proved that no measure of disdain from the people who elected them will deter them from their hideous agenda, and they have also made it abundantly clear that they can do what they wish, the people be damned, so long as they hold the reins of power. That is all about to change, but for the time being, they are hellbent on beating us to the finish line.

Our Congress was intended by the Founders as something entirely different from what it has become. Representatives and U.S. Senators were supposed to be delegates of their respective states negotiating on the federal level with the Union, not the collection of scoundrels currently colluding to usurp the will of the people. (Rep. Charlie Rangel [D-Bronx, NY] was recently quoted as complaining that they had to find a way to bypass the States).

National politicians are what they have become, and they unduly influence State politics based on a party line. Case in point; Ted Kennedy could never have been able to stencil his name on the back of "his" Senate seat without the power of the DNC. And when he passed away, the DNC pressured Massachusetts Democrats to change the law preventing the governor from appointing an interim Senator. In fact, it was done at Teddy's behest as perhaps his last wish.

Funny thing is, in 2004, when Mass. Senator John Kerry was running for president of the United States, that State's Legislature passed the very law they reversed in 2009, allowing current Democrat Governor Deval Patrick to appoint Paul Kirk (D) to fill the spot of Kennedy until a special election could be held. They, of course, thought that by doing so they would have a filibuster-proof 60 member majority and have passed Universal Health Care by now. The latter didn't happen.

In 2004, however, the Democrats changed the law to prevent GOP Governor Mitt Romney from appointing a replacement for Kerry in the event that he became POTUS and thus vacated his Senate seat. As if all of that isn't bad enough - and the most glaring examples of both hypocrisy and audacious foul play - there are the maneuvers of just the past few months.

In Upstate New York's 23rd Congressional District in November, Democrat Bill Owens narrowly edged out Conservative Doug Hoffman after uber-liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava dropped out and endorsed the Democrat. In a blatant move for purely partisan gain, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi swore Owens into office a mere 72 hours after the election - despite the state of New York not having had time to certify the election - and just in time for the House vote the next day on the health care bill.

Now, in Massachusetts, the Democrats are positioning for yet another end-around with January 19th looming. On that day, there will be a special election for the seat vacated by Kennedy in which Republican Scott Brown has pulled into a virtual tie with the Democrat candidate, State Attorney General Martha Coakley. But the Democrats are already preparing for a Brown victory; should Brown be elected the new Senator from Massachusetts, the Democrats will delay his electoral certification until February 20th.

Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin has said so.

If the accompanying photos are not enough to describe how the Democrats feel about you, I don't know what would be adequate.

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Edisto Joe said...

Great post! I truly believe the public is very tired of the liberal circus. Moderate and "Bluedog" Democrats are privately very concerned about the course their leadership has taken them on. Their complete lack of regard to public opinion and failure to address it shows a complete disconnect with the American people. When mainstream media CBS publishes negative poll numbers you know these people are way off base. Yet, they continue to plow ahead full steam, with little concern for the anger left in their wake.

Prankster Pete said...

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Woody said...

It gives one pause, EJ, when these politicians must certainly know the peril in which they place their careers and yet do so without trepidation.

Are they setting themselves up so as to be virtually untouchable, or are they just that stupid?