Monday, January 4, 2010

Congressional Cellophane

In 2006, when the Democrats once again regained a majority in Congress, they promised a new era of transparency in government. Then, with an abetting media that pummeled President Bush with virtually no quarter given, Barack Hussein Obama promised the same see-through form of government, leading to an easy electoral victory over Republican candidate John McCain in the General Election that landed him in the White House and the most powerful position on the planet.

The problem is, the people who voted for Obama never really had much time to realize the suffocating peril of the Democratic brand of "transparency" and so, were caught off guard once the product was delivered November 4th, 2009. Sadly, there is no return policy such as offered by the Home Shopping Channel. We bought the goods with a certain risk attached and now stare forlornly at the pile of steaming dung in our living rooms, and are stuck with the monthly payments.

Retailers years ago began packaging products in clear, cellophane wrapping so that consumers could see the product before buying. It was designed to boost sales by offering the consumer a better visual of a marvelous product. Now, the Democrat controlled Congress is moving with a stealth that defies their early promises of transparency, trying to ram through their vaunted health care reform bills, which will be presented to the public in a plain, brown wrapper. Perhaps when we open it they will yell "SURPRISE!" in unison.

Pelosi and Reid are moving swiftly to reconcile both chambers' versions of the bills they each passed last year. In the process, they have basically told their impotent Republican counterparts to take that plastic bag marked "this is not a toy" and place it over their heads. (And I still can't imagine just how terrible the final product will be, when the Democrats so cavalierly seem poised to jeopardize the super-majority they currently enjoy. Certainly they must realize the political suicide they undertake).

Not only are the Republicans being left out of the process, but pesky House Democrats who object to the "federal funds for abortion" aspects are also being avoided. Henry Waxman (D-CA) is going back to Washington on Tuesday to hold secret meetings with both leaders, a full week before the House officially reconvenes. And Waxman says that the process for moving the bill forward will not involve the standard House/Senate conference committee - where normal reconciliation takes place - so that the Democrats can avoid the motions to select and instruct conferees in the Senate. It seems that they can't be bothered with protocol which would require another 60-vote majority for final passage.

All of this chicanery and yet, the majority of Americans - 52% as of yesterday - are opposed to it. Our elected officials clearly believe that they no longer work for us, the people. And the once dedicated watchdogs in the press clearly no longer care.

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Edisto Joe said...

Just read where C-Span has contacted the Congressional leaders and the White House requesting permission to broadcast the Healthcare meetings. The response? No response, ignore them and maybe they will go away! So much for transparency. If this bill ever makes it to the President's desk, his signature will go on the biggest piece of junk legislation ever passed. His ego will be the only thing that would cause him to sign it. Even he knows it's a bad piece of legislation. It's not even a shell of what he set out to create. Another sad chapter for the Obama legacy and a sadder chapter for the American people.