Monday, January 25, 2010

A Ghillie Suit Or A Grass Skirt

No matter how much Barack Hussein Obama may cling to the childish belief that no one can see him if only he covers his own eyes, and despite the success he achieved in getting elected, more and more people have slowly emerged from the cocoon of slumber to realize that they now see someone for whom they never intended to vote. And the farther we march into history - leaving scattered days and jagged pages torn from calendars in our wake - the more mild surprise is being rapidly replaced by a more palpable horror.

Like a sci-fi movie alien cleverly disguised in humanoid form for far too long, Obama's true identity is straining the limits of the slick veneer in growing impatience to attain freedom, bubbling ugly in revolting rivulets just beneath the surface. And some of us - just as those select characters in the same movie - have always seen the creature beneath, but our warnings were dismissed as ludicrous even though we have always known of the crunchy, Marxist core deep within.

I have long been astounded that a simple pair of horn-rimmed glasses were more than adequate in keeping people from realizing that Clark Kent was actually Superman but, in retrospect, I see now how easy it is to fool the willing. Or the hopeful. People want to believe that they can make cleaning easy for only $9.95 (plus shipping and handling), and that if they call right now, they can get twice the value for their money (plus a doubling-down on the shipping and handling). The lure of the bargain has always masked the true cost, and it has always been the nature of a business whereby the charlatan causes the citizen to part ways with his cash.

The currency with which we now gamble, however, is nothing so trivial as the trinkets we have accumulated through our labors. The stakes have been raised, the ante is liberty, and we now have a dealer of most ill repute. No one genuinely cared to know whatever personal frailties afflicted, say, Billy Mays, just as those who have invested their futures in Obama find it nearly impossible to realize that they've been duped. And like a slingshot effect, those who have had to come the farthest toward that realization do so with a fury that eclipses the relatively mild disdain that the knowing have long harbored.

Those of us who sounded the alarms loudest in the campaign of 2008 saw Obama in a grass skirt, when he was truly transparent, albeit unintentionally. Many who voted for him are now shocked that Obama in the ghillie suit - which they mistook for a pile of crumpled grass - has sprung up right in front of them.

It's all a matter of perception; some see clearly, others need time to adjust their focus. But for most, as the polls now reveal, the picture is becoming quite sharp. It's about time.

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