Saturday, January 16, 2010

See How They Run: The Cadillac Tax And Other Dubious Doings

So here we stand, at the precipice of the cliff, with Democrats and world socialists having both palms firmly planted squarely between our shoulder blades, ready to give that final shove. Before the deadly plunge, they lean in close, whispering in our ears that we are going to get what we wanted, at last. And lastly, that we should thank them, then the dizzying whoosh of air as the ground races up to meet us.

It was a long road to get to this point, and much negotiating and haranguing took place. A goodly portion of the proponents of our demise needed coercion, convincing and outright bribes. The last group to make it possible to cross the finish line gave their approval only after being excluded from the legions of pushees. Funny how that works.

With Universal Health Care about to be rammed down the throats of a defiant populace, the left still incredibly claims that they are about to make history in passing the "people's legislation". Even more disturbing is the fact that a once reliable institution in the press has abetted in the process, lying to the public and aggressively pushing this insane agenda. When someone takes a foul-tasting medicine while grimacing in the most hideous fashion, it is impossible for any thinking person to believe the words "delicious" emanating from such a twisted countenance.

Yet, we have seen the arm-twisting necessary to navigate the minefield of health care reform, and we have been witness to what would - in any other situation - be considered criminal influence. Lobbying bribery was once seen as a most serious offense where our Congress was concerned (see Jack Abramhoff), but now the lobbying is waged from the top down. To make matters worse, the bribes used are financed by our payroll deductions. Senator Ben Nelson's acquiescence is evidence enough of the shell game the White House and Congressional leadership play with the money they seize from us.

The majority party has also massaged the rules in the way they swore in Congressmen Bill Owens of New York 72 hours after he was declared the winner in his special election, despite the fact that the election results were not yet certified by the New York Secretary of State. They needed his vote the next day. Now, in Massachusetts, they are saying that Scott Brown - if the victor in Tuesday's special election - may not be certified by that state's secretary for two weeks, which thankfully has drawn a rare scrutiny from the media.

Not to worry, the Socialists have that covered; they are now discussing "reconciliation", otherwise known as the "nuclear option" in which they could shut out the minority party by declaring a simple majority (51) vote will suffice. Somehow, they believe that the outrage which will certainly explode if they use a double standard in the certification of Brown in Massachusetts will be neutralized by this method. They think us fools.

Someone asked today, "If this bill is so great, why is it that the only way to get people to support it is if they can be excluded?" The Unions are now on board after the White House caved to demands that the "Cadillac tax" not apply to their members. Why would they not exchange their vote to push if it were not them standing in front of the pusher at the ledge?

While the actual details of the proposal are murky, at best, the message that it is detrimental should be glaring. The fact that our elected representatives are representing the interests of a minority of the population is the start. The chicanery being employed in getting it passed is stunning, from the lack of promised transparency to the alleged urgency with which they move. Like a petulant child, Obama wants to have a health care bill in his hand for the State of the Union Address come hell or high water, as evidenced by the fact that a date has not yet been set for the speech.

One has to wonder why a man would work so hard to facilitate the end of his own career.

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Edisto Joe said...

I also wonder why a man would work so hard toward ending his career and for that matter, destroying a nation. The only transparency in health care is the closed door deals,bribes and payoffs. To go before the nation and give a speech that involves a terribly flawed plan, unpopular with the electorate, bought and paid for with their tax money, is unbelievable! My vocal chords are shot from screaming!