Friday, April 16, 2010

Constipated Mind

Regular readers may be wondering where I have been, and for that I can't blame them, for I have been quite derelict in my postings of late. This post offers nothing new beyond a semi-convinced assurance that I may be beginning to recover from the constipation of the mind I have been battling of late.

While I recognize all too well the hazards of any writer equating his own writings with that of the digestive tract, it is nevertheless a valid comparison, albeit not for the same reasons severe critics would seize upon.

This explanation is geared toward the process of intake and output, as I seem to have been gorging on information at a pace prohibitive to my ability to digest and disseminate it and, as such, there seems to have been a log jam in my critical point of release. Being of the Conservative bent, said critics will undoubtedly focus on the fecal correlation with juvenile, giggling glee, but such are the risks of sharing opinions publicly.

Having said all of that, and after taking some small advantage of the self-imposed hiatus, I hope to resume the exposure of the assault on America very shortly. I just wanted to assuage the fears that some may have had that I had abandoned the battle. I have not, and I will not until regular Americans can live in the freedom to which they have become accustomed.

The Tea Parties have been doing a fabulous job, and seem to be growing despite claims by the left that "they will forget long before November". There are true warriors waging the online battles daily (Tim Phillips of AFP being one). While I have sat on a sideline bench, it has been to catch my breath, and I shall reengage again.

Stay with me...we shall prevail.

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