Friday, April 9, 2010

They Can Hear Us Now - And They Are Desperate!

Written by SleeplessByTheSea

Domestic terrorists
Paid political hacks
The more than a million peaceful marchers, that were reported as a few thousand.
Obama wasn't aware of the 912 March on DC.
It is all about race.

Yeah Right.

They have tried their best to ignore the American patriots that have gathered together across our nation. They tried to belittle the second coming of the Boston Tea Party, by calling us nasty little names like "tea baggers". But, those tactics have not worked. They've not slowed down the momentum of the patriots that love their freedom enough to fight for it. Instead, the movement is growing. They are losing ground on their effort to destroy our great nation. Their time in power is limited, and they know it.

I can speak of first hand knowledge of tea parties and their rallies, because I not only attended and participated in rallies locally, but I've marched right down Pennsylvania Ave, right to the Capitol, along with my fellow citizens that want to preserve our constitution. I have yet to read from any national source the real story. The story about how these citizens are out there fighting peacefully for their love of country....their love of freedom, and their demand that our constitution be upheld.

We sang songs like 'God Bless America' & 'The Star Spangled Banner'. We chanted for congress to stop the spending, and the 'kill the bill'. We've listened to speakers echo our own feelings about needing less government, not more. Could someone please tell me what is threatening about that?

I'm tired of the media lying to people. I'm tired of paid democrats lying to the people. They lie about their agenda. They lie about what is in the bills they pass. They lie about what goes on at these 'Tea Parties'. You ask, why do they lie? Because they are scared! They know the sleeping giants are finally wide awake.

We've already made a difference in some of the gubernatorial races. We made a difference in Massachusetts. And they know we're going to make a huge difference in November.

They see Obama's numbers dropping. They know he's going to be a one term president. But, the really sad thing is, so many of these people are still blinded by their own politics, that they cannot see that their party is also destroying their freedom. You've heard their talking points on all of the tv new/talk
shows.....they smile real big, and spin away from any little details they don't want to face.

They tell you, that this is intended to 'help' you. Never mind it will cost you an arm and a leg, to end up with perhaps a whole lot worse medical care than you've ever had in your life. They even have the audacity to say now, that won't be forced to take their health care insurance. Although, if you don't have insurance, you will be fined by the IRS. Yeah, well, what happens to you if you don't pay that fine? You don't tell the IRS, no. They know that. (well, you can tell the IRS no, if you are Timothy Geithner. Geeez) And now they are talking about a National sales tax? Where do they think all of this money is going to come from? Wake up, dems. There is no bottomless pit!

It's Racist? Give me a break! which half of Obama are they protesting? Good grief! And, I was not aware that congress was solely one race, either. When did that happen? And why do we have tea party patriots of all shapes, sizes, age, and color if it is about race? It doesn't pass the logic test.

Their defense is weak. It's lame. It's more lies. But, desperate people do desperate things. I know there will be more lies and deceptions to come. But, November is just around the corner, and I'm proud to say I am part of those 'rogue' Americans that attend tea parties, and I'll be helping everyone I know get to the polls, so we can begin to clean out this mess, and start our path back to what we are suppose to be.....A country for the people, by the people! A country founded for freedom to ring!

Oh, yeah...they hear us now....and they are running scared!

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