Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Tea Party Is Far From Over

Written by SleeplessByTheSea

I have read and heard a lot of untruths about the tea party lately. And I’ve seen people calling the Tea Party Patriots vulgar names. It’s too bad those people don’t take the time to try to understand what the tea party is really all about.

First and foremost, it is not about hate. It is about freedom, and wanting less government intervention into our lives. The Tea Party was never intended to be a 'political party', although with the direction both the democrats and republicans continue to go, it may very well evolve into one, one of these days.

The Tea Party is an event....a meeting of like minded patriots that are just plain fed up with not being represented by those we elect to do just that. Every time we meet, it's a new tea party, just as if you were meeting to have tea, but instead of sharing tea, we share our love of country....our love of our constitution, and our love of our freedom. And we practice that freedom by voicing our opinions and our displeasure for those that are trying to destroy what is rightfully ours. That is our is our responsibility.

That is the beauty of a democratic republic. The people are in charge. The government works for us! The Tea Party has no national leader. We don't need one. We have each other. We have our neighbors and our friends, and our constitution. We have local volunteers, that help organize local events, but they do not dictate policy or expect anything from anyone. There is nothing wrong, immoral or illegal about it. There is no violence.

In fact the huge crowds that attend the various tea parties all over the country have proven to be the most self-controlled, peaceful crowds to ever meet, march or protest. Anyone and everyone of any race, religion or ethnic origin are welcome. Young and old, rich and poor…they are all there. Just walk through a crowd of tea party patriots and you will find that to be quite evident. There is nothing racist about it. The only colors the tea party patriots favor are red, white and blue.

A year ago the media and the government tried to dismiss the tea party movement. They've realized that was a fruitless effort. So now, they try to label us every dirty little name they can come up with. It doesn't matter. Sticks and stones.....names will never hurt us. We know who we are. We are good hearted, dedicated Americans,.....republicans, democrats and independents, that just want to preserve our country in order to pass on to the next generations the same God blessed rights we have been afforded by our founders. And that is why the tea party continues to grow. We're far from being over. We're not hard to find. We're the ones waving the flags.

God Bless America!

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Edisto Joe said...

Despite the negative reporting by the media and liberal lashings, the Tea Party movement has endured and perhaps gained in popularity. I have no doubt it will not only play an important role in this years elections but in future elections as well. The real power in America has always been with the electorate and the Tea Party will be there to voice opposition to those elected that would threaten the freedom and rights our country provides under the Constitution. The threat of exposing a politicians record in Congress is our greatest weapon for defending the way of life in America as intended by the Founding Fathers of the land.

Woody said...

Well put, EJ. This was written by a very good friend I have never met, someone like you. She is passionate about politics and has attended rallies, most notably the 9-12 rally in D.C. last year.

If you're so inclined, we gather at
It's a great group of people who have concrete beliefs, can express them quite well, and be complete idiots when we choose. We have fun. You would be very welcome there.