Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Best Of Intentions

It has been said that the road to ruin is often paved with good intentions. All that means, however, is that the end result is still ruination and that the culpability of the party or parties responsible is simply a matter of degree. So now that the Left, i.e Democrats, has complete control of America, the path is clear while the motivations are questionable.

Despite the fact that our "free press" seems to have been co-opted by the federal government, and have ceased to perform their duties responsibly, many Americans are nevertheless aware of the destruction being waged on the country, and they are not happy about it one bit. And the servants elected by the people don't appear to be the least bit concerned about it. That alone should sound the alarm for most, yet it doesn't. I find that more than just a tad disturbing.

For example, the previous administration - that of George W. Bush - was lambasted for out-of-control spending, though in comparison, the effects of those policies seem a mere pittance compared to the financial straits in which we now reside. Imagine hiring a financial adviser after falling so far into debt that you teeter on the precipice of bankruptcy. And imagine that financial adviser recommending that you accelerate your credit spending, and on frivolous things. While he may appear enthusiastic in his desire to help, his advice will nonetheless facilitate your ultimate destruction.

Yet none of the Bush detractors seem concerned in the least about the dizzying spending orgy and spiraling debt of the Obama administration. Never have I witnessed such a spectacle in this nation as that of a new administration taking the reins from the opposing party, accusing that party of heading for a cliff, and then not only continuing on the same road, but accelerating toward the same destination. We are on the equivalent of a joy-ride in a stolen car, driven by a reckless teenager who doesn't comprehend the danger.

Or does he?

Let's examine some other analogies. Let's say you live in a "bad" neighborhood, one ravaged by crime due to drug abuse, with numerous reports of break-ins or home invasions, muggings and murder, or rape. Now let's say the police commissioner announces that everyone should leave their doors open all night. Would you? Of course not, but our federal government is doing the equivalent of that by ignoring our borders and refusing to enforce our laws.

Further, imagine the police stating that because you do lock your doors at night, you are somehow racist and therefore they will not respond to 911 calls from you. The outrage would be nearly chaotic, and yet we have the same thing happening in Arizona, where the federal government is leaving the state to fend for itself and then condemning them for doing so.

Assistant secretary of Homeland Security, John Morton, stated the other day that the feds may not process illegals referred to them by the state of Arizona. His reason? "I don't think the Arizona law, or laws like it, are the solution," he said. As a result, Obama has ordered the Department of Justice to examine the civil rights and other implications of the law. What if they decide that TSA screenings at airports are not the solution? Aren't our civil rights being "violated" each time we fly?

To make matters worse, Morton hasn't read the Arizona law, nor has Napolitano, A.G. Eric Holder, or the president himself. That still does not stop them from criticizing it, all because they want to appear to "care" about the rights of people who really have no right to be here. And they won't even respond to Governor Jan Brewer's pleas for help.

Call it good intentions toward the Mexican people if you will. I still prefer the charge of dereliction of duty.

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Edisto Joe said...

I watched in disbelief as the Mexican President chastized Arizona for passing such a law, violating human rights during his speech before Congress. Then fell backwards when the Democrats and White House staff members stood and applauded. Mexico is far worse on immigration policy than us, yet here they were clapping wildly as if this man were a rock star. They should have booted his ass out of the Capitol and put him on a plane home.


Woody said...

Joe! I was getting worried about you, buddy. Hadn't "seen" you around for a while. So glad you're still kicking.

Yeah, Calderon and his Stooges were quite the spectacle, weren't they?