Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Sestak Cauldron

Memorial Day weekend is looming on the horizon, a time traditionally to honor the fallen heroes who have made this great republic possible, and to thank them for their incredible sacrifices and service to America. Many still see it that way, while many others see it as the unofficial beginning of Summer.

The Joe Sestak story currently coming to a boil may well fall victim to the machinations of master politicians and their accomplices in the media, for while every weekend brings a temporary numbing of the news consumer, holiday weekends are especially good times to bury breaking news. And perhaps none other than the emergence from Winter ranks among the best. People will be busy readying their outdoors for barbecues, making preparations, and generally avoiding anything electronic, and indoors.

The entire Sestak affair is a puzzling one from many angles. An avowed liberal, one who actually supported health care reform - but who opposed Obama's version because it wasn't liberal enough - Sestak appears to be the sort of Senator the Democrats would have embraced with vigor. Yet the allegations are now that the Obama administration favored party-switching former Republican Arlen Specter, 80, over a former Navy Admiral of liberal pedigree.

This is odd on two fronts. First, while Specter has long been viewed by conservatives as a RINO (Conservative In Name Only), he was still an opportunistic man who became a democrat solely for political survival, something which should have caused a certain degree of suspicion in the Democrat ranks, and especially in the enclave of an uber-liberal like Obama. Second, why support an 80-year-old party traitor with a minimal of service years left in him over a true believer and probable ally like Sestak, only 58 years old, who could theoretically serve in the Senate for much longer?

But Joe Sestak, who defeated Specter in the Pennsylvania election primary for the party nomination, has alleged that the Obama administration offered him a job - perhaps as Secretary to the Navy - in exchange for dropping his opposition to Specter in the race.

And now the tempest threatens the confines of the teapot. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has been under fire a relatively timid press corps for months, and has dodged questions for just as long. See the video below, from On The Record with Great Van Susteren:

The problem now facing the White House is the increasingly pugnacious tone the media has adopted combined with a resurrection of journalistic curiosity. If Helen Thomas has not already retired and decides to enter this fray, I think her tenacity may ignite an inquisition the likes of which this regime never could have imagined.

While it may be worth the price of admission to a modern-day sporting event to witness the rapid deterioration of Obama's paper-thin composure, it all hinges on how successfully his minions bury the mounting furor over the Memorial Day weekend. But I promise this...while I revel in the spirit of this particular weekend and its true meaning, I feel compelled to honor our vets by doing my part to help preserve the republic they have maintained. So I will not allow this to be ignored.

Stay tuned, kids...

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