Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Madness Closes In

Once upon a time, I viewed the madness of the rest of the world from the cozy sanctuary of the borders of America, confident that I was immune from its effects and content to enjoy a modicum of amusement as I watched. Then, like BP oil washing up on Gulf Coast shores, the insanity invaded silently while I slumbered. Now I find myself literally engulfed in it.

It started nearly a decade ago, when wealthy and bloated entertainers decided that jihadist muslims were free from culpability in the Twin Tower attacks, focusing instead on the evil man in the White House, George W. Bush. Liberal "icons" such as Michael Moore opined with impunity that our own leadership was responsible for the deaths of 3000 people and the destruction of property almost beyond comprehension. And they developed a following among the people that was somewhat startling and equally terrifying.

But that was just the beginning. The outside world was clearly attentive and learned much from the forked tongues of the American elite. I thought at one time that Baghdad Bob - the poor Iraqi soul who claimed that the Americans would perish at the gates of the city, even as our tanks thundered past in the background - was a rare anomaly, but I was wrong. He was the template for what would follow, both exotically and domestically. And now our president could be the hybrid, for we know not his status in that regard; exotic or domestic.

While the rest of the world spins into chaotic fantasy, and the global media reports obediently, our own governments, both local and federal, seems all too willing to follow suit. As North Korea threatens war on their southern neighbor if South Korea dares retaliate for the North's sinking of a vessel killing 46 South Koreans, the media carefully avoids any hint of incredulity. When Hamas launches thousands of rockets into Israel, the media snores, but awakens with a start when Israel responds in even the mildest manner.

When Iran declares that Israel will survive less than a week if that country attacks, the media resembles weary air travellers on a 24-hour flight delay, but circle like hungry and frenzied sharks if Israel builds an apartment complex. And American states enjoying hundreds or thousands of miles of buffer zone from Mexico and her invaders have collectively decided that one of their own, Arizona, is somehow evil and must be punished.

The media portrays the Arizona situation as the exception, neglecting the fact that 60% of the country supports the state and its stance. And our own elected representatives cheer the scorn of a foreign president, Felipe Calderon, in the hallowed halls of our chambers. This video should chill everyone who watches it, especially because the Mexican leader displays a chutzpah and a level of hypocrisy which is nothing short of infuriating.

Perhaps even more aggravation can be derived from the fact that United States congress-critters felt compelled to give the idiot a standing ovation for slamming our country in our own halls. Especially after Calderon's explanation of his own countries immigration laws, seen here.

Our United States Attorney General attacked Arizona's law, but admitted that he hasn't read it. Our nation's Secretary of Homeland Security - and the former governor of Arizona - said she would not have signed the bill into law, although she, too, has not read it. We have Congress people fighting to enact legislation they have not read. Alleged leaders all across the globe seem to have passed through some sort of "stupid ray", which would be bad enough, but we have always counted on the journalists to keep the ship right. Sadly, they seem to have been affected by the same rays, and we're left with the immune who have not quite figured out how to circumvent the calculated scorn of their peers or their targets.

The few who hold out for the truth and disseminate it for us have been successfully relegated to the status of heretics. We're left to wade through madness or suffer the slings and arrows from the "establishment", who have already succumbed to the madness and communicate it to the rest of us. I just pray that we, the innoculated, can survive the epidemic of stupidity.

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