Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Gusher King

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is first and foremost in the news, so it's understandable to assume that this article is all about that. True, part of it is, but oil isn't the only thing gushing under this regime.

Obama was elected in part because he was seen as the change, the difference, that the electorate sought. He was ultra-intelligent, we were told. Joe Biden even went so far as to say that Obama was "bright, clean and articulate". However, in his first sixteen months in office, we have realized that he may be cunning, but not so bright; literate, but not necessarily articulate, and clean as far as we can tell, at least hygienically.

There is little doubt that Obama is a skillful politician and a competent community organizer, but the role of Leader of the Free World and , more importantly, Commander in Chief, requires quite a bit more substance than that, something for which Obama demonstrates a dire deficiency.

After ignoring the Gulf spill situation for 5 weeks, Obama finally decided to take a three-hour tour of the area. Appropriately, Gilligan and the Skipper, too, also embarked on a three-hour tour. They caught a freak storm and got lost, and we laughed for a few seasons. Obama is also lost, but there is nothing humorous about his fumbling around like an inebriated man in the dark, considering the fact that he has the keys to the "nuclear button" and has the pin number for the American ATM - the taxpayers - committed to memory.

Which brings us to gusher number two: as Obama depletes America's cash supply with his "money is no object" spending orgy, our debt and deficits continue to climb like Old Faithful reaching toward the sky. We're hemorrhaging wealth like a wound from a severed artery, and unlike the Gulf oil leak, it will take more than thick mud to stop. Congress needs a tourniquet, and we can only pray that 2010 will see the Republicans come in like Florence Nightingale to perform triage.

That is, of course, if there is room at the ER, as gusher number three is of the human variety. The southern border of the United States under this administration is seeing illegal immigrants gushing across into America, emboldened by this president's dereliction of his Constitutional duty to protect the nation. Rather than fight the influx of illegal aliens, the administration chooses instead to fight the state of Arizona's intention of enforcing the law, and to stand with the foreign president Felipe Calderon.

Incredibly, even Congress seems more inclined to fight its own constituents rather than foreign invaders, calling the Tea Party movement "dangerous" and "potentially violent". But ask the people of Arizona along the Mexican border how many home invasions they have endured from Tea Party members. Ask any police department across America how many Tea Party demonstrators they have arrested. Ask how many bottles have been thrown or how many cars have been torched by true patriots who simply demand an adherence to our founding principles and documents.

This regime has caused America to bleed finances, sovereignty and integrity. It has in short order raised the standing of many nations but its own, but only in comparison, as they have not been elevated as much as we have been diminished. It is Obama's desire to flatten the societal amplitude; no peaks, and no valleys.

John Lennon said, "Imagine no possessions".

Barack Obama listened.

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