Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Nonsense from Washington

The Obama administration's answer to the alien invasion in Arizona is not to get the National Guard down there to stop it. It is not to have as many law enforcement personnel as possible engaged in protecting American citizens. No, the answer apparently is to cede large swaths of United States territory to the invaders and to warn our citizens to stay away for our own safety.

Here's what Arizona governor Jan Brewer thinks about that response:

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1 comment:

Edisto Joe said...

A very sad day indeed when our "giverment" warns us to stay away from our land on the border and erects signs of warning. How about posting a few Marine snipers of our own. Some of those guys are dead on at 2 miles or more in open country.

My grandfather rode in the cavalry under Pershing when he was a young 1st Lt. in the army. It was there he met a young Patton. As bad a President as Wilson was, (like Obama another progressive) even he sent the army in pursuit of Poncho Villa. (My grandfather had some great stories from tht time.)

What is happening in Arizona is a direct assult to the country and Obama seems to want to take "spread the wealth" to new levels by giving away border territory to Mexico.