Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Bayoneted

When you run out of bullets,
stab them to death
"What war on Christmas", the Liberals say whenever confronted by outraged Christian conservatives over the removal of a Nativity scene here or there. "Don't be silly", they pooh-pooh when some atheist tries to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance and the right tries to fight back. "We just want inclusion for all", is the lefts mantra when they try to alter the landscape we have all grown up surrounded by, and we just shut up and let them roll over us.

These times have changed, of that there can be no doubt, but they can be changed back, and we must start on that road sooner than later.

It is now being reported that an "equal opportunity officer" at Mississippi's Camp Shelby has delivered to the 158th Infantry Brigade an Army edict that the word "Christmas" must be avoided. This is a particularly odd year for such an edict, though, since Hanukkah was a month ago and Christmas is the only holiday at this time. So what is so inclusive about this ruling?

What's so truly galling about this latest dust-up is that it is our own American military carving out these new "rights" for others at the expense of our soldiers, many of whom rely on their faith to keep them safe when in battle, whatever that faith may be. One day out of the year to commemorate the Birth of Jesus can't be so traumatic for the rest of the non-Christians, can it?

To make matters worse, the left has succeeded in making this type of outrage almost normal for our young, who have it thrust down their throats every year at this time. From Christmas carols being banned at their schools to Christmas cards being torn down from the halls, the kids are starting to see this as a normal thing. What's next, will the sundry "neighborhood watch" groups from all over the country try to ban Nativity scenes and inflatable Santa Claus's from peoples front yards?

No, I say it is time to put a stop to all this madness. Let one fifth of a percent of Muslims complain to the school board if they feel offended by Christ, but listen to the seventy or so percent of parents when they say they want a Christmas concert.

It's never been a secret that it is impossible to make everyone happy, so let's stop trying to offset the balance by kowtowing to the minority all the time. They will get over it. And who knows, when all the bickering is over, they might just enjoy a little tidings of joy, however short lived it is.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers! And a felix sit annus novus!

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